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Solidworks 2018 SP5 crashing when opening parts or assemblies exclusively on secondary monitor W10P-64b.

Question asked by Victor Carruyo on May 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2019 by Victor Carruyo

Hello everyone,


As the title states, I'm having issues opening parts my secondary monitor.


SW crashes immediately when I try to open a part, assembly, or drawing on my secondary monitor, while they always work on the primary monitor.


I can switch which monitor is primary, and SW will work well on either monitor. As long as I open parts, drawings, or assemblies in the one assigned by windows to be primary monitor. The problem occurs when I move the window to the secondary monitor and try to save, or open another part/drawing/assembly. It hangs until I close it without fail. Tried the Win-8 compatibility mode trick as well.


Tried doing a system restore, as I have not seen this behavior before. Restore was successful, did not solve anything.

No new updates were performed that I could tell before this.

Rolled back audio drivers, uninstalled display drivers, reinstalled a couple of versions with no success.

RX shows all good, all files pulled from local M.2 drive, tried opening all sorts of parts and assemblies to rule out specific files.

Did a repair install ( not clean )


Thanks for taking time to help


System specs:

Win 10 pro 64 latest update.

Asus Z390-I MOBO

i9 9900K

32GB 3200 DDR4

Quadro P4000 - Driver ( Tried two newer ones.

Dual asus pro art 1920x1200 hooked up via display port (No adapters)