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Adding Columns automatically / Dynamically to Inspection Reports

Question asked by Nick Tzallas on Apr 16, 2019
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I am trying to make my inspection reports be able to automatically add extra "results/measurement" Columns as desired.


Question applies to both Add-in or standalone


For example 1 piece inspected will have 1 column

3 pieces inspected would automatically add 2 more columns in the report to bring it to a total of 3 so each characteristic can be measured/inspected for each piece/serial in the lot/batch


I have come across this post in the forum which seems to imply that it is supposed to be possible, though I am not sure if it is related as the discussion was not elaborated upon. see extracted quote below

Hi Marko,

Normally Inspection automatically "insert" a new column for the next set of results WITHOUT overwritten anything.

Could you attach your template?




Matthieu Fourcade if you have any insight on this that would be appreciated.


Below is a very rough mock-up of what I would like it to do.

Example shows report for a 1 piece inspection and then a 3 piece inspection


Currently we are using SW 2016 SP 5.0

We are soon upgrading to 2019 (and going to PDM pro)

Just mentioning it in case the solution is based on a capability of a later version of the software. (though I could not find anything in the help files)

I realize Inspection might have come a long way since 2016






Thank you


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