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Replacing Paper???

Question asked by 1-9VBDZ on Mar 25, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2009 by Jeff Hamilton
This may be out there a bit, but just about everything else on Star Trek has happened (still working on the transporter & warp drive issues though). Has anyone looked into ditching plotters & paper, and instead gone straight to displays for all print distribution? For example, if I do a weldment detail I would typically print it out and then the print is hand delivered to a welder (internally or externally). Has anyone tried to just setup a wireless notebook or tablet PC (obviously "sturdy" needed for shop work), in the hopes that the paper can be removed from the process? I've run across machinists that simply want a file path & name since they only do CNC programming. Just wondering if the zooming/sectioning that can be done on a PC screen would make it worth it.