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[Updated] Find Intersection using a mouse gesture [2 left clicks only] (FindIntersectionG utility)

Discussion created by Kevin Chandler on Mar 12, 2019

Update 03/18/2019: V1.01, improved code for better performance.


Update 03/12/2019: Attached a demonstration movie. No program changes.




Attached is a utility, "FindIntersectionG.exe", that lets you run the context menu function "Find intersection" as a mouse gesture.

Two left clicks only: Gesture. Click. Click. Done.


Installation: Copy the exe file (zipped, attached) to a folder. Create an SW macro (shown below) and assign it to a gesture.

Uninstall: Delete the exe file and macro. No other mods or stuff are added to your computer.



  1. Start your dim command as you usually do
  2. Gesture "FindIntersectionG.exe"
  3. Left click the first intersection entity
    1. Do not right-click
    2. You should see the Find intersection cursor (a dimension with a sharp)
  4. Left click the second intersection entity

That's it. Continue with your dim command as usual.


Press Escape at any time to abort.



There are no user definable settings for this utility.


Macro required:

You'll need to run this utility using a simple SW macro...this is the code:

Sub main()

Shell "C:\SW Utilities\FindIntersectionG.exe", vbNormalFocus

Set swApp = Application.SldWorks

End Sub


Use the macro in the attached zip file or create a new macro yourself.

When you create a new macro, all of the lines above, except the Shell line, are created for you.

Copy the Shell line from here and paste it in.

However you create your macro, be sure to edit the path to where you put "FindIntersectionG.exe". And be sure path and exe are quoted.


Also in the zip file is a low budget image file ("FindIntersectionGG.bmp") for your wheel that you may use royalty free:


Being run by a macro, you can also assign FindIntersectionG to a keyboard shortcut, but as an alternative, its older cousin: [Updated] (HoverIntersect) Find Intersection with 1 (or 2) key presses, zero mouse clicks. is another keyboard shortcut utility for Find Intersection.


I hope you find this useful.