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    Car Jack Stress Analysis

    Deepak Kumar

      Hey Guys, I need help doing the stress analysis on this scissor jack. Solidworks won't let me perform the stress analysis in assembly so I guess I'm going to need to perform the stress analysis of each individual components. I've attached the assembly file along with the component files. I need the stress analysis on these components lifting a weight of 3500 or 4000lbs. pls, help How would I go about this???

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          Erik Bilello



          Post your assembly using Pack and Go so it's a .zip file.  Opening a .rar file is a pain for a lot of people.  The only app' I have for it is on my old Mac. Not that I could help you with your analysis anyway, but make it easy for others who might.

          Also, not that there aren't some pretty sharp people over in Yakima, but you might reach a wider audience if you move your post to the Simulation, or maybe the Modeling and Assemblies space.  I'm not sure how you do that, but I'll bet something in here How do I do this SOLIDWORKS Forum thing?  will point you in the right direction.


          Good luck,