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    Configuring a Body Move

    William Turk

      I have a part that is a multi body part.  I want to move one body away in a single direction and have the distance it moves be different in different configurations.  I could swear I've done this before, but I can't get it to work as either a translation or a distance constraint.  What am I missing?

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          Kyle Mitchell

          Hi William,


          It seems like you're making your part multibody to change the length, then merging back in to one body.


          I would just use a move face with translation after the revolve, which can then be changed or suppressed in different configurations.


          I hope this helps.


          Thanks, Kyle

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            Justin Pires

            I was hoping for a quick and dirty solution like after you make the move body feature, select it and a dimension will show on screen, but this doesn't appear to be the case with move body. What I have done is create a controlling sketch with a configured dimension that I would anchor the move body to. You wish to move it away a certain distance, instead move it to the endpoint of a line that equals your configured distance.



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              Glenn Schroeder

                 Expand the Body-Move/Copy1 feature in the tree, right-click on the Distance mate, and choose "Configure Feature" from the drop-down.  You'll get a simplified design table, with a row for each configuration, and a column that will allow you to set the suppression state for each configuration.  Click on the drop-down beside the feature name...



              ...and click on the box for D1.



              That will add a column for the dimension value.  Enter the desired value for each configuration and click Okay.



              This method is described under #2 at How do I set a configuration specific dimension or value? .  There's more information there about this table that you might like to review.