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      This is a test to have an alternative to the Forum SEARCH RESULTS - Over 160,000 Search Returns - Excel  (3/5/2019)  Added - Benchmark Search


      The following is a Search that I did for Macros and how they're listed in my Excel File..... WARNING... It's a long way to the bottom



      1 seat of sw is acting up with vba macros...help
      1 to 1 Assembly Configuration Macro
      1st attempt at macro's
      2 questions 1 macro
      2008 and macros
      2009 BOM API examples??
      2009 API Help File Changes
      2010 x64 API Problems
      2012 SP 4 Not opening or allowing edit of macros
      2014 Macro runs once only, then only sporadically in 2016.
      2015 Broke my pack and go macro, IncludeToolboxComponents?
      3Dvia API CAll
      64 Bit SolidWorks API from Excel 07
      64 bit macro issue
      A Couple Of Debugging Questions In VB.NET
      A question about run macro by add-in
      A serious error occured...
      A Serious Error Occurred - Macro
      A serious error occurred during macro playback.
      A serious error occurred on open macro file. The system could be in an unstable state now.
      A Simple Macro, Module has error.
      A Macro for Save part to .SLDLFP
      About REFSURFACE in C#
      About Macro feature .net file
      About Macro feature in FeatureManagerTree
      Access Component Line Font "Apply to All Views" with API
      Access Solidworks macro in edrawing pro?
      Accessing the drawing number thru VBA
      Accidentally deleted Macro from my VBA project
      Accuracy Problems when reading a txt file
      Acquiring text associated with gtol
      Activate a certain config after adding a new
      activate advanced selection inside macro
      Activate XPress Product from macro
      Add "Chrome" effect to a part using SolidWorks VBA
      Add .NET Controls to SOLIDWORKS using an Add-in Example (VB.NET)
      Add 3DSketch Points to selected Vertices... Macro?
      Add a note to the drawing view
      Add a progress bar or process bar to a userform in a macro
      Add Annotation api
      Add Attribute to Macro Feature face in VB.NET
      Add BOM with the help of macro
      Add custom property - Stocksize, Sort Dimensions macro
      Add custom property to all assembly components using macro
      Add dll References to vb.NET project
      Add excel file to Epdm with VBA
      Add File Properties to PDF/STEP files
      Add prefix to custom property macro
      Add rebuild function within the macro
      Add solidWorks VBA library type to excel macro
      Add text to a General Table via Macro/VBA
      add macros
      AddComponents in vb.net standalone
      Addin creation : Vb.net or C# ?
      Adding a control Button to a Macro
      Adding a note to dimension using a macro
      Adding a macro feature to a drawing
      Adding broken views API VB
      Adding browse function to macro
      Adding equations using API in SolidWorks
      Adding export options menu to Macro?
      Adding GD&T and Notes to Select_Dim_All VBA
      Adding PDM access/functions to a simple macro (VBA)
      Adding sheet format to .pdf export filename
      Adding Sketch Text to component in assembly with VBA.
      Adding Macro Button to Toolbar
      Adding macro button, only 'SWBasic' .swb is listed
      AddPrintRange and PrintRange issue in Macro
      ADODB.Connection...Provider cannot be found VBA
      ADODB.Connection...Provider cannot be found...
      Advanced Component Selection vba macro
      Align drawing dimensions macro
      Alignment dimension using API
      All Upper case in BOM
      All macros are not working
      Alter Equations Using API
      Amada SheetWorks API?
      Animate in OpenGL
      Annotations Font Macro
      Any way to link drawing sheet tab to model parameter? (macro or api?)
      Any Macro to create "Center of Volume" for an Assy in SW2013?
      Anybody have a moment to write a simple macro for me?
      Anyone create this yet?
      API - Chain pattern feature data
      API - Changing reference configurations in a drawing
      API - Finding the config a study is referencing
      API - Reset to original Configuration After Cycling
      API - VBA Check ChildComponentDisplayInBOM on all Subs in an Assembly
      API - VBA Insert Part Into Part & move/mate.
      API - VBA Insert Part Into Part with selection.
      API - VBA to saveas a open XLS doc to a CSV from a macro button.
      API (ie. macro) program to open drawing for current configuration
      API (VBA) Get the first drawing view on the "first sheet", not active sheet
      API / Founds Segments, How do you know that segments form a triangle / square / polygon...
      API / Macro to place multiple decals on the same part face - new config ?
      API 2006, selection problems
      API access to ComputationalDomainSettings and MeshSettings
      API Access to Lists (for cards)
      API access to Sketch dimension Unit Precision
      API add configuration specific properties - VBA
      API Add-In Error
      API and animation
      API Backwards Compatibility
      Api basics (+ Why isn't the API section accessible for me?)
      API BOOK
      API C# Property Manager Page: macro terminates after initialisation
      API C# txt file read line by line
      API Challenge: Import Points, Create Curves, Create Lofts, Export as .step
      API code speed and SW Menu activation?
      API code to search for text on a drawing?
      API Command for Not solved Equation
      API Configurations
      API Create Mate
      API Development without Solidworks
      API DIM Checker
      API Documentation
      API Documentation
      API documentation after 2013 uninstall?
      API error message
      API Event for Design Binder
      api examples
      API for cursor change
      API for Design studies
      API for Geometric Tolerances
      API for getting selected hole callout text (not the evaluated values)?
      API for Pack and Go
      API for parsing and converting sketch entities
      API for renaming a Solidworks drawing
      API for setting keyboard shortcuts?
      API Function to Save Out IGS File From Drawing
      APi Get database connectionstring from vault name
      API Help
      API Help Request, Change 3D Sketch Line Color from Text Input
      API help with Layer Manager - Line styles and width / thickness
      API Help! Creating a derived mirror configuration.
      API importing multiple txt file as xyz curves
      API Insert baloon, calculate weight, put row in a table. What do you thing ?
      API ISFSymbol
      API linked search bar
      API Loop for each open document
      API Macro Solid Works - Problem with pattern
      API macro, get data from vertices in drawing/view
      API MacroFeature Security Function. Cannot Get MacroFeatureData Object.
      API MacroFeature with Properties manager
      API manual??
      API MassProperty object does not use assigned coordinate system
      Api mate error
      API Mating According to Hole location
      Api Multiselect rows in BOM
      API Newbie Questions
      API no longer functioning in SW 2015
      API not working after operating system upgrade
      API Open Dialog Box Filter Issue
      API open dialog box last path.
      api open doc from EPDM environment with auto login
      API PDM PRO get description from datacard
      API problems with 2010 64 bit
      API profile sweep thru XYZ points MACRO
      API referenced excel file
      API SDK where?
      API select all dimensions (annotations) inside a SketchBlock
      api select latest feature
      API SetAutomaticUpdate
      api smart dimension help
      Api Template
      API to access design tree?
      API to Compare not same Components
      API to custom properties (quantities)??
      API To find hole locations on imported parts
      API To find it a property is used as the BOM Quantity
      API To Find SW-Last Saved With VB.Net
      API to get free body forces from each selected face
      API to Get Text from SketchBlock Instance
      API to save a multi-body part into individual parts
      API Tutorial (C#) doesn't work with SW2017?
      API use in SolidWorks
      API Userform Erorr on windows 10
      API VBA - is a body flat Face coplanar with a Refplane ?
      API VBA: How do you get total length weld, despite different bead types?
      API with PDM question!
      API Write to custom properties to Custom tab and NOT Config Specific Properties
      API, InsertBOMBalloon2 control "placement" of balloon?
      API, Multiple modules, where to place "Sub main"?
      API, VBA, material category
      API. How change LibraryFeature's configuration
      API/Macro Batch Save as .SAT using Coordinate System
      API/Macro for updating a BOM
      API/Macro to save assembly as eDrawings file
      API/Macro, Multi pages drawing, tables problem.
      API/VB Course ?
      API: A variant of the "Get Components in Each BOM Table Row (VBA)" example for getting BOM table
      API: Activate All Configurations And Save in SolidWorks to Update the Data Stream for Document
      API: Add a Component And Smart Mate It
      API: Add eModelViewControl to a Windows.Forms Application at runtime (eDrawings ActiveX Control)
      API: Add Hole Callout to Hole in Drawing (VBA, VB.NET, and C#)
      API: Add sheet metal bend information to drawing view notes (VBA)
      API: Adding Dimensions to a sketch segment
      API: An example of renaming components
      API: Automating and customizing BOM tables (VBA)
      API: C#\VB.NET Add-ins to Create a Macro Feature
      API: Check BOM Table Cells for Broken Link Values
      API: Close and Reopen a Drawing Document (VBA, VB.NET, C#)
      API: Continuously capture images of a model on repaint notification (VBA)
      API: Control search from an add-in
      API: Copying an Assembly and Replacing its Child Components in the Copy (VBA)
      API: Create PropertyManager page containing an ActiveX control
      API: Create Spring Macro Feature (VBA)
      API: Create macro features in multi-body Parts
      API: Delete All Notes on a Specified Layer (VBA, VB.NET, and C#)
      API: Delete Selected Sheet and Add New Sheet (VBA, VB.NET, and C#)
      API: Determine Item Rolled Over in Feature Manager to Implement Dynamic Highlighting
      API: Determining whether an assembly component is being edited in-context (VBA,VB.NET, C#)
      API: Diagnostics Tool for PDMWorks MSMQ Triggers
      API: Displaying default card values, when showing datacard in own window
      API: Displaying Preview Bitmaps
      API: Draw Bend Lines in a Flat Pattern Drawing View
      API: eDrawings 2012 API Example (VB.NET, C#)
      API: eDrawings on x64
      API: Enterprise PDM Project templates for Visual Studio
      API: EPDM Task Add-in - Store user information at set-up & launch for retrieval during execution
      API: EPDM Task Example: Print documents using eDrawings
      API: EPDM Task Example: Send Reminder
      API: Event Monitor for SolidWorks 2012 (VBA)
      API: Find Features for Edges in Drawing Views (VBA, VB.NET, and C#)
      API: Finding the Sketch Block Instance to Which a Sketch Segment Belongs
      API: Get the mass properties for all configurations
      API: How to access information about a hole generated by the Hole Wizard (VBA, VB.NET, C#)
      API: How to Align Notes in a Drawing
      API: How to call a method in a .NET addin from a macro
      API: How to cancel user actions and suppress dialogs
      API: How to change a drawing view to shaded (VBA, VB.NET, C#)
      API: How to change position of dimensions in drawings (VBA, VB.NET, C#)
      API: How to create a drawing of a flattened sheet metal part (VBA, VB.NET, C#)
      API: How to export an assembly component to a Parasolid file (VBA, VB.NET, C#)
      API: How to get assembly components and sub-components in the order that they appear
      API: How to get datacard variables for all versions of a file
      API: How to get the parent component of a selected assembly component (VBA, VB.NET, C#)
      API: How to insert a SolidWorks BOM at a selected point in a drawing view (VBA, VB.NET, C#)
      API: How to locate a model entity in the space of a drawing view (VBA, VB.NET, C#)
      API: How to modify and reference equations defined in assembly components
      API: How to move a table anchor's position (VBA)
      API: How to move all dimensions in a drawing to another layer (VBA, VB.NET, C#)
      API: How to reload a drawing sheet format (VBA, VB.NET, C#)
      API: How to replace an assembly component with a component from a different path (VBA, VB.NET, C#)
      API: How to re-position a view in a drawing (VBA, VB.NET, C#)
      API: How to use IEdmFolder7::DestroyDeletedItems
      API: How to use Microsoft Word to spell-check a document in SolidWorks (VBA, VB.NET, C#)
      API: How to use the Pack and Go API
      API: How to use Win32 APIs from a SolidWorks VBA macro which must support SW2012 & SW2013.
      API: How to work with RapidDraft drawings (VBA, VB.NET, C#)
      API: IEdmFile6::Move sometimes throws undocumented exception if file is open
      API: Insert Note Leader at Sketch Point (VBA, VB.NET, and C#)
      API: Inserting a LibraryFeature With References
      API: Monitoring the 32 bit sldworks process
      API: Open sketch on front plane, sketch a rectangle, w/extrude option - inch/metric
      API: Position a bubble tooltip in a Part or Assembly
      API: PropertyManager Page Add-in Tutorial (C#/VB.NET, SolidWorks 2012)
      API: Quick command line script to register a .NET add-in
      API: Read BOM information in Enterprise PDM
      API: Remove Materials from all parts in an assembly
      API: Roadmap to a Custom SolidWorks Feature
      API: Save active Part to Zip file w/file type selection Form
      API: SheetMetal:Using Multi-Body Flat Patterns In a Drawing
      API: Showing Default Values if datacard is to be shown in own window
      API: SolidWorks PDM Workgroup triggers example
      API: SolidWorks Toolbox Manager Example (VB.NET, C#)
      API: Suppress all equations in an assembly
      API: Task Add-in Example
      API: Use dispatch wrappers to pass arrays of objects to out-of-process APIs (C#)
      API: Use third-party storage in an add-in
      API: Using IComponent2::GetCorresponding in Assembly\Sub-Assembly\Part Hierarchy
      API: Using PropertyManager pages to select model elements and store them as attributes (VB.NET add-in)
      API: Macro to Saveas PDF without open the solidworks drawing
      API: VB.NET VSTA Macro to Create a Macro Feature
      API:AutoBalloon5:It does not display with the value set for Autoballoon 5.
      API] Manipulation of BOM and Excel
      apply custom properties of every component
      Apply for a Macro: bulk change all weight units in part and assembly
      Apply material to body vs part document with Macro
      Applying a Coordinate Transform obtained from GetCoincidentTransform to a part
      Applying temperature that changing with time with SolidWorks Simulation API in VB.NET
      Are there API for Cosmos ?
      Ask about the stand alone application, using costing API.
      Asking about SelectByID2 function
      assembling the parts counting macro
      Assembly -> Find References Macro
      Assembly component's state won't update with excel vba macro
      Assembly Custom Property Macro
      Assembly Mating and Reference ID API
      Assembly to individual part DXF drawing MACRO
      Assembly Visualization Macro
      Assembly macro multiple folders
      assign "save bodies"-function to a macro
      Assigning a Macro to a Keyboard Shortcut
      Associate electrical component using macro
      Attempting to create a new macro causes SolidWorks 2013 to crash, requiring restart and error
      Auto Create Drawing with BOM
      auto dimensions macro
      Auto drawing from part file by using macro
      Auto mate to origin.
      Auto Run Macro
      Auto start macro with shortcut, equation triggered or addin?
      Autodesk inventor and Solidworks fighting over "apc71.dll"
      Autoexec macro on part open
      Automate the custom properties in the title block? (VBA)
      Automate: Insert Component, Mate, reading from a list
      Automate: Make & Save New Drawing From Part/Assembly
      Automated Sketch Coordinates
      Automatic assemblies and VBA
      Automatic File Export Macro.
      Automatic Get thru API
      Automatic rendering all Configuration to file
      Automatic Macro Recording?
      Automatically check drawing into ePDM with Macro
      Automatically open & saveas .step multiple files in a folder
      Automatically run macro on rebuild
      Automation Error, macro will not run
      Automation help - inserting components in VB or API using equations and global variable (see
      Autorun a macro upon opening a specific drawing file?
      Autorun 'Alert Message' macro when exiting Solidworks
      Autostart Macro
      Auxiliary View via API
      axis of the macro delete
      Background macro
      Backwards compatible macros
      Batch open files and cycle through sheets code problem
      Batch Print Macro, running out of system resources.
      Batch Runner Macro Crashing Unexpectedly
      Batch update macro's DLL references
      Batch w/ User Input Macro
      Batch Macro to create drawings of many parts in folder
      Best way to automate multi dimension patterns using VBA
      Best way to Lock a macro to specific solidworks serial number(s)
      body DXF export macro
      BOM and Balloon Macro Issues
      BOM column Hide/Show API VB.NET
      BOM Configuration using API
      BOM Export to Excel Template Macro (Export for Import into External Program)
      BOM Formatting Macro
      BOM Table Anchor API
      BOM macro to show only 1 configuration
      Books on the SolidWorks API
      Bounding Box Area
      Bounding box with API?
      Bounding Box Macro - Get units in Fractions
      Bringing VBA Macros to a .NET platform
      Browse For Folder - Type mismatch Error
      Browse open documents macro?
      Build a Note and Reference Dimension Text
      Bypass the "Checkout" window using macro?
      C# and VB.NET Add-in
      C# Assembly Visualization API
      C# Api How to begin to draw
      C# api, how do I get BOM for a file?
      C# Macro Recording Error: No Visual Studio Template Information Found
      C# macro to add new custom properties
      Calculate distance between points in differents sketches SolidWorks API
      Calculate The Referenced Model Break Line Gap For a Drawing View With A Break Line
      Calendar Control in SW Macros
      Call a macro from another macro user form
      Camera zoom (changing FieldOfViewAngle)
      Camworks Macro
      Can a C# program call a VBA program to run the API?
      Can an assy macro run another macro within its components?
      can anybody test this code?
      Can anyone modify this code for the boundary surface tool with lines?
      Can EDPM API be programmed from VBA?
      Can get custom propertiesfrom new active doc, but not set them!
      Can i convert current vb.net solidworks project to C#.NET
      Can I get a macro to speak?
      Can I record macro to do scan to 3d?
      Can i send email using a macro in solidWorks?
      Can I use VBA to view a sheetformat file(*.slddrt) and get its information ?
      Can no longer edit macros
      can not open macro in solidworks 2012
      Can not use api InsertModelAnnotations3 function!
      Can someone figure out what is wrong with my macro?
      Can someone teach me the basics of VBA in solidworks?
      Can we use grid in solidworks API ? Also I want to know how to create the attached sketch or similar type by using
      Can you automate a right and front plane Mate?
      Can you change to a custom material using a macro?
      Can you write a Macro do delete and then add a specific appearance?
      Cannot find .dll macro
      Cannot get this macro to work to save my dxf at a desired location
      Cannot load macro
      cannot open macro
      cannot open macro
      Cannot open macro dll file
      Cannot open macro: A serious error ocurred on open macro file
      Cannot run a macro from the API help....
      Can't check-in after adding reference - API
      Can't initialize Simulation API in 2010
      Can't save file because it's read only error, but file still checks in
      Can't save macro as vbproj...
      Can't share my macro with the SolidWorks Comunity
      Capturing mouse event slddrw table (or locking table)
      center of gravity macro sw 2012
      chamfer angle precision macro fails
      Change a global variable using a macro?
      Change color of body in VBA macro
      Change color of selected faces
      change configuration specific propertys by macro
      Change content of a list in data card
      Change cosmetic thread size via API?
      change countersunk holes to normal holes
      Change Custom Property template via API
      Change default macro editor
      Change depth of base flange using macro
      Change dimension value with global variable name in VBA
      Change dimension values for a part using VBA
      Change Drawing Document Font Macro (partial) - Help finding variable names/incorporating
      Change Drawing Text from Bold to Regular?
      Change drawing view model macro
      Change drawing view orientation with VBA
      Change part color - VBA macro
      Change sheet format on open drawing with a Macro
      Change SolidWorks cursor to wait cursor when macro is running
      Change state VBA example?
      change the value of a torque in motion with VBA makro
      Change Value of Angle Mate in Macro
      change value of torque in motion with VBA macro
      Change View Labels using API
      Change wireframe colors on exported parts?
      Changes to the API Between SW2007 & SW2009
      Changing coordinate value in Mass Properties by using a macro.
      Changing Excel based BOM to indented
      Changing feature colour API
      Changing Font style & Height Macro
      Changing sheet format with macro causes duplicate blocks when multiple sheets exist in drawing.
      Changing template of each sheet in drawing by using macro
      Changing visible edges to dotted lines Macro (VBA)
      Changing which layers print via Macro
      Check if excel is open
      Check if Parts In Assembly Are Saved
      Check in to EPDM
      Checkin Active Document in PDM by API
      Choose save directory function for macro.
      Circular profile sweep macro
      Circular sketch pattern macro
      circularpattern3 works in vba but not in vb6
      Clean property script
      Clear Immediate Window
      Closing assemblies and parts by MACRO
      Closing excel from Solidworks VBA won't work
      Code to hiding mass properties?
      Code to open a macro in SW
      codes for examples
      Collision Detection with SolidWorks API
      Color Changing Macro
      Color number in SW API
      Colour Coded Curves
      CoM of parts relative to assembly macro
      Combine 2 macros
      Combine object not appearing (VBA macro)
      Combining Excel and Solidworks macros
      Combining two macros
      Comment Indicator API?
      Como no cargar los bloques al abrir un dwg para pasarlo a slddrw
      Comparing Array items - VBA
      Compile swp to dll request
      Conditional formatting on drawing dimensions?
      Configuration Screenshot Macro
      Confusion over VBA vs. Visual Basic.net
      Connect to running SOLIDWORKS with VB.NET
      Connecting to Solidworks instance without creating a new one
      Connecting to SolidWorks using VB.net and Solidworks x64
      Constrain four points in a grid macro?
      Control Solidworks to run Solidwork Macro from Excel
      Control to add to VBA form to display parts
      controlling number of instances in circular pattern using VBA
      Controlling SW API from VB.net is slower than VBA?
      Controlling the width of an note in vb.net
      Conversion to STL - Batch or Macro?
      Convert from VBA to C#
      Convert to Sheetmetal Gauge Table Info
      Convert macro to Batch macro
      convert vba to vb.net
      Convert VBA to VB.NET BOM Table Feature
      Converting .exe back to .swp
      Converting file with different configuration to separate CAD files
      Converting Macro to 64 bit
      Coping value from Config Specific Properties <macro help>
      Copy Data Card in Enterprise PDM to another file API
      Copy Document and Its Dependencies (VBA)"
      Copy simulation sensors or create "macro" for the creation of sensors of similar type
      Copy/Paste from API help not working
      Copying File And Then Replacing Component With Document Manager Not Working API
      Copying Formed Sheet Metal / Flat Pattern Drawing Sheets with Dimensions with a Macro
      Copying Notes with Numbering
      Corrupt Macro
      Corrupt Macro
      Corrupted SWP file
      Cosmos Works CreateNewStudy Problems
      CosmosWorks API questions
      Costing API - How to set material?
      could not find how to make a costing report by VB.net
      Count Bends - Macro
      Couple of API questions
      Crash problem with vba of printout4
      Create a userform for my macro
      Create a macro to add global variables, feature equations and equations.
      create a macro to export the current selected face in a model to a set folder
      Create a macro with solidworks API
      Create an Assembly with API with user define folder
      Create BOM without using a drawing (SLDDRW)
      Create configurations with different extrude values programatically
      Create Drawing and place views at the view pallets API
      Create Drawing From Model, Insert Current View, And Save as DXF?
      Create drawing via API
      Create Drawings vba to vb.net convertion
      Create multi-line custom property with macro
      Create multiple parts from an excel spreadsheet using a macro
      Create PDF file from slddrw using VB.Net
      Create PDFs From BOM Macro?
      Create Spline from Line Segments ~Macro?~
      create spline using coordinates from text file input
      Created macro closes files at end of macro on my worksstation, but not at another workstation
      CreateSaveBodyFeature Method not working in c# macro
      CreateSaveBodyFeature throws COM Exception in C#
      Creating a New Macro
      Creating a simple macro to edit notes in a drawing
      Creating an add-in based on a recorded macro
      Creating flat pattern configuration with help of macro
      Creating one macro for part assembly and drawing
      creating macro for saving as dwg file
      Cross-Sectional Area in a Macro
      Ctrl-F1 in VB macro
      Culture settings of Add-In differ from macro
      Custom Balloon Macro Assistance
      Custom Item No." in Balloons
      Custom Properties [vb.net 2005]
      Custom Properties and Excel Macro
      Custom Properties Template Macro
      Custom properties macro
      Custom properties macro not working?
      Custom Property from lightweight component vb.net
      Custom Property into the following macro
      Custom Property Macro
      Custom Property Macro Bugging Out
      Custom Macro on Folder
      Customizable fly-out macro toolbar button
      Cutlist is not automatically updated via VBA API
      Cut-list Property Macro
      Cutlist Save Bodies Macro
      CutList macro multiple equal bodies
      cutting list macro
      Cycle through open drawings?
      Cyclic Reference Macro
      Debug vb.net add-in without restarting solidworks
      Debugging a VSTA macro
      decal macro
      Default face color of macro feature generated body
      Default Macro
      Defeature API, Macro
      Define "Start" in macro
      Define a force in API
      Defining a direction, relative to point.
      Defining an array inside of the macro code
      Delete face from API
      Delete file with VBA
      Delete note with macro
      Delete Sketch Entities Smaller Than... Macro
      Delete Top Level Macro
      Deleting a global variable of a specified name with equation manager
      Deleting All Dangling Equations: Macro Isn't Looping
      Deleting folders and features - macro
      Deleting last row of BOM using API
      Deleting layer using API
      Deploying of Macro.
      Design Binder API Function
      Design table not updating with VBA opened Excel Workbook
      Design Table API / Macro
      Destroy through the API?
      Detect, decide if BOM changed? VB.NET
      Determining Sheet Size and Scale Via API
      Dfartsight and macro - help
      Difference of available API functions between "Standard" and "Professional"
      Differences between write code in VBA editor and in the properties
      Difficulty linking dimensions from API
      Dimension/Balloon Position in SolidWorks API
      Dimensions are misplaced/ overlapped on each other in Drawing
      Dimensions in Recorded Macros
      Disable mouse clicks in SolidWorks with the api or some setting
      Disfunctional Macro - Need help
      dispatch scripts that could append existing string
      Display part’s custom properties on drawing sheet by using Macro
      Displaying Data Card in VBA ( IEdmCardView5.CreateCardView)
      DM API replacereference behaviour
      Do something to cutlist 'FirstFeature' - VBA
      Do you know the API that checks the reference setting before macro execution?
      Do you know the APi to run the swb file?
      Document manager API
      Document manager API and Old files
      Document Manager API vs Solidworks API
      Document properties in VBA
      Documentation for API object model?
      Does a VSTA macro run "in-process"?
      does animator have api?
      Does anyone have a macro or routine that will get every 'Document Property' for the current
      Does anyone have a macro or API for saving a weldment cut list as an excell file?
      Does anyone have Assembly Bounding box macro for SW 2017?
      Does my MACRO syntax have problem?
      Does Solidworks PDM include API?
      DotNetTools for VBA: a VBA Tool for Community
      DraftSight create a macro button
      Draftsight Api :: How to call Clean command? (VB.Net)
      DraftSight macro not executing
      DraftSigth API SDK for purchase?
      drag and drop macro
      Draw a circle tangent to 3 pre-selected lines or edges
      Drawing Automation Macro
      Drawing Custom Property Macro
      Drawing Exploded Views
      Drawing Note Macro Help: Calling out part properties in assembly drawing
      Drawing Note Macro No Longer Working in SW2016
      Drawing Sheet Macro
      Drawing Table "Lock Row Height" Macro
      drawing to pdf - macro
      Drawing updates & saves - macro
      Drawing view positioning after changing it's configuration
      Drawing View Macro
      drawing macro
      Drawing macro
      Drawing macro
      Drawing Macro needed
      Drawings by configuration macro
      DriveWorks vs VBA
      Dual Dimension Macro
      Dual monitors and VBA form no centering
      During Saving of macro save as type only gives *.swp only..
      DWGEditor VBA PDFOut
      DXF\PDF macro
      Easier Macro Creation
      Edit .swp (macro) file without SolidWorks
      edit a macro to create 3d point
      Edit bounding box reference face/planes with macro?
      Edit Custom Properties Macro. Cut off characters.
      Edit number of instances in linear pattern with VBA
      Edit Macro to allow a specific file to be selected/opened
      Edit macro to save as pdf with current drawing revision rather than model revision.
      EditDimensionProperties Help VBA
      Editing A Mate In API Help
      Editing a Macro Program
      Editing Custom properties using task manager or VBA directory
      Editing Shared Macros
      Editing system options in C#
      eDrawing macro in vb.net does not work after update to 2011
      EDrawings Batch Print Macro caused crash
      eDrawings API and VBA
      eDrawings API via Excel
      Edrawings API, Batch Print
      Empty rendered image while rendering with a macro.
      Enable/disable "Lock Rotation" function with SW API
      EnableBackgroundProcessing while opening large assembly drawing makes SWX freeze, only in SWX 2011?
      End macro with open file window
      Enhancing SOLIDWORKS experience with custom macros library
      Enterprise PDM API (Vb.net) Renaming Configurations
      Entities selection by Mouse like AutoCad
      EPDM Addin Disable Re-Enable Macro
      EPDM add-in installation problem
      EPDM BatchGet -> Get Latest Version for VB.NET 4.5
      EPDM 'Get Latest' code
      EPDM SWTaskAddIn and writing SolidWorks VBA Scripts
      EPDM Tasks: How to add macro code to a convert task
      EPDM vbs script to macro
      EPDM API - COM class factory error
      epdm api (vba): Search for text in multiple variables
      EPDM API add file reference
      EPDM API Addin multi task
      EPDM API development - how to rebuild dll without rebooting?
      EPDM API Get all Vault Names
      EPDM API in VBA?
      EPDM API issues pulling parts for SolidWorks
      EPDM API Library not found Problem
      EPDM API Selectivly Destroy Files
      EPDM API Treestruct
      EPDM API: Accessing Properties of File in Transition
      EPDM-check in issue
      Equation in BOM
      Equation or macro -find/replace - in BOM column
      Equation Macro Crashes SW 2015 and 2016
      Equations via the API
      Error Executing Macro
      Error handler not working
      Error in Face selection code
      Error Message "Unable to initialize the Add-In component"
      Error when I run my Macro.
      Error when running downloaded part macro
      Error when using swDocPART in VB.NET
      Error while running any macro example from API help
      escape macro
      Event Monitor for SolidWorks 2011 (VBA)
      Every single combination (Permutation) from parts configuration on an assembly
      Example macro to export dwg with "set custom map file"
      Examples macros
      Excel and SW API Interaction
      Excel Based BOM macro to save file
      Excel data to Solidworks Custom properties - Macro needed!
      Excel macro opens SW, runs code, closes SW, & repeats. Problem: appears to hang on closing sw
      Excel macro that opens all solidworks files
      Excel VBA Set Horizontal & Vertical Text alignment of Active Cell/Selection
      Excel VBA usage of OpenDoc6
      Exceptions in SolidWorks generated macro code
      Exclude Library Parts form Pack and GO (VBA)
      Execute a sw macro from a macro of another software, is it possible?
      Execute EPDM Task from VBA Macro
      Execute matlab script using vba excel
      Execute script from Excel
      Executing a Solidworks vba macro from Visual Basic .net
      Exit "Edit Component" in VBA, help needed!!
      Exit Sketch from a Macro Feature - how to ?
      Exit macro with escape?
      Export "Flat Pattern" using a VBA macro without bend lines
      Export BOM Macro
      Export clearance verification report into excel
      Export Cut-List Via Macro
      export drawings in folder as PDF
      Export DWG of part
      Export DXFs from multi-body sheetmetal part macro?
      Export each sheet macro
      Export Feature Tree / Replicate Treehouse Excel Export
      Export part to STL (using VBA)
      Export to Dxf Macro
      Export weldament properties of each item in a cut list (VBA)
      Exporting BOM to excel file using macro
      Exporting Drawing Dimensions to Excel VBA
      Exporting Excel Data into MS Access
      ExportToDWG Error Message
      External reference replace macro
      Extract Circular Pattern Info with Macro
      Extract dimensions from part to create 2D drawing
      Extract info from a Sketch Line whether the Line is constraint to Plane or Silhouette Edge using
      Extract last cell value into vb userforms textbox
      Extract my part number from my file name (macro?)
      Extracting drawings to .JPG format
      Extrude to up to surface macro
      'Extrusion feature' using solidworks api using vb.net
      Face Selection and Sketch Macro?
      Fatigue variable amplitude macro (array problem)
      Feature doesn't unsuppress in VBA Macro
      feature manager drawwing renaming macro
      Feature Manager Filter
      Feature mirror through API
      Features detection macro
      File location for macro feature files
      File Locations - How to get Macros Adress from SW VB API
      File name
      File Open' Macro
      File renaming using user specified name
      Fill all sides of a Cube created from 3D sketch lines using VBA
      Fill in userform-based data into custom properties
      Filter by SolidWorks API Help in local MSDN Library
      Find and Replace Annotation (VBA) Example Problems
      Find feature driving weldment body.
      Find RAM Memory Usage
      Find Reference Macro
      Find which view is bringing custom property values
      Finding the maximum cross-sectional area of a body along an axis (VB.NET)
      First timer with Macro's
      First Macro - Insert BOM API
      Fix all components in an assembly
      Fix all" in all levels of assembly's Macro
      Fix/Float via api
      flange and plate macro
      Flat Pattern Multi-Bodied Sheet Metal Part
      FlatPattern MergeFace Change Macro
      Flipping a Plane in API
      Flow Simulation 2013 api
      flow Simulation Wizard on VBA
      FM to Swp translator
      Force a mate to solve with Solidworks macro
      Form to run multiple macros
      fraction macro
      free macro to get transformation matrix of an axis
      Freeze Files in Assembly Macro
      Freeze/unfreeze all part features macro help
      From drawing to macro
      From Property Manager Selection Box to Cosmos Shell Manager
      From macro to Add-In
      GD&T Straight Leader without arrow
      General VBA Question...Filter string (filename)
      Generate STL file with configuration name for my macro
      Generating .PDF and .DWG with macros
      Get "Custom Property" values using a VBA macro
      Get Components in Each BOM Table Row (VBA) run-time error SW2011 SP3
      Get Configuration count
      Get Coordinates of Sketch Point by Name
      Get Dimension Orientation using API
      Get Display Dimension Type - API
      Get Drawing Sheet Size Using A Macro
      Get External References Example (VB.NET)
      Get file variable values from PDM to Excel using VBA
      Get filename of currently running macro file (VBA)
      Get Flat-Pattern Folder Feature (VBA)
      Get function name
      Get Hole Callout Data with Macro
      Get length of bend line with VBA
      Get mass properties and perimeter from the measure function into excel?
      Get Sectioned Bodies Example (VBA) Doesn't Work
      Get simulation material using API
      Get Sketch Circle Diameters Using VBA
      Get Sketch Points - User Form doesn't show results
      Get Sketch Segment name (vba)
      Get the dimension of part
      Get Upper and Lower Tolerance Dimension (VBA)
      Get value back from Dispatch shell execute
      Get View Name
      Get Volume VBA
      Get vOutline from drawing 5 in stead of 1
      Get weldment bounding box cut-list lines
      Get/set key points in Motion Study from API
      GetAllExternalReferences4 method in VBA
      GetCurrentMacroPathName for .dll type macro?
      GetDocumentDependencies2 virtual components
      GetOpenFileName API
      GetPrintSpecification causes crashes during print macro
      Getting a "Memory is locked" exception in VB.NET
      Getting a Dimension attached to a sketch fillet
      Getting line information in sketches
      Getting Line Length Using API
      Getting section properties - center of area of sketch
      Getting the updated center of mass in a macro
      Given a part number, how do you determine its row index in a BOM table?
      Good documentation to create a "macro feature"?
      GTOL numbering
      Gtol seems inconsistent in getting and setting text
      Guess this is more of a general VBA question.
      Handling multiple file types within a macro / macro feature
      Has anyone known selected faces of a component by macro
      Has anyone tried out an example 'Set New End Condition for Simple Hole Feature Example (VBA)'
      Hatching on Faces in drawing View thru Macro
      Have you ever tried to write a macro for a description builder?
      Having issue retrieving component name using Name2
      having the transform of every coordinate system of part in an assembly Solidworks MacroVBA
      Hello, I have recently started using macros in Solid Works and have mostly been using themacro
      Hello,how can i change my sketch text font format by the VBA, i cannot understand the explain of the help of
      Help enterprise PDM VBA macro
      Help finishing up a Solidworks Cutlist macro
      Help getting macro to run through folder
      Help linking a form to run a macro
      help me convert to vba
      Help needed to start editing the macro
      HELP NEEDED: Trim Surface API
      Help Needed:Modifying API/Macro to work with Multibody/Weldments too.
      Help to translate a macro to VBA
      Help understanding simple Macro
      Help with a Macro
      Help with a macro to copy file properties to new names?
      Help with Create Center Rectangle method Macros
      Help with FeatureLinearPattern4
      Help with modifying Macro, open part/assembly, set diametric, zoom to fit, set wireframe, rotate
      Help with mouse events
      Help with overlapping segments in a Sketch
      Help with PDM Macros
      Help with sldworks.comment API
      Help with small and easy Temp Axis Macro
      Help with text replacement Macro?
      Help with API Documentation / VBA Macros
      Help with API or Macro
      Help with Api Tutorial VB.Net
      Help with Macro creation
      Help with Macro for Adding part of File name to Property
      Helps in SolidWorks macro
      Hidden Body Issue Using Macro
      Hide Body in Drawing Using API
      Hide pop up dialog - eg. 'referenced file not found'
      Hide Specific Files in EPDM using VB.net
      Hide/Show Drawing BOM Header via API/Macro
      Hole Table Update Very Slow...
      Hole wizard API parameter mess
      Hope get eDrawing API simple example with VB or VBA?
      How can I access the "Depth" of a Base/Flange dimension from a macro
      How can I alter / modify 3D model / 2D drawing generated in Solid works by some script /macro
      How can i assign a macro to a toolbar button?
      How Can I change functional execution between part and drawing in Macro
      How can i change the configuration of a assembly in a drawing by using a VBA Macro?
      How can I change the text color on a General Table Cell?
      How can I close a 3rd Party Add-In dialog box when running a macro batch SaveAs?
      How can I create a Macro that will give me a list of all the configurations in my solid works
      How can i determine the number of Features (Cutlist Items) in a Weldment Cut List in VBA?
      How can I dynamically assign variables in SolidWorks VBA?
      How can i get card list with api?
      How can I get the <Current State> info for a drawing object using VBA?
      How can I get the correct orientation for sketches in some macro commands on some PC's running
      How can I get this macro to work on multiple files
      How can I load FileDialog? (VBA)
      How can i open (Run) macro by vbscript?
      How can i rename all names of parts in an assembly with an API macro ?
      How can I save custom properties (drawing) in a pdf-file with a macro?
      How can I save each detail in an assembly as a separate jpeg file with a VBA macro.
      How can I select a radio button on data card with api, preferrably in vb.net
      How can i select a specific edge of a part using API in VB.net
      How can I use a macro to update the sheet format of every page in a drawing?
      How can I use VBA to open a macro without running it?
      How can I write a macro to delete all of the Note Styles in a drawing?
      how can skip a dialog box by saveas command in a macro?
      How can use the sheet metal export to DXF/DWG to select a right, front or top view in mymacro?
      How can you change the text font size in a macro?
      How do I add a excel file as a database to a API
      How do I add Solidworks form in VB.Net?
      How do I assign a gesture to run a macro?
      How do I call a Solidworks Macro
      How do I call out a Direction Vector in a Swept Surface in my macro?
      How do I change a standard hole using the api?
      How do I change the layer of a countersink OD when exporting a sheetmetal drawing as .dxf ?
      How do I create an if statement macro that can add a new custom property?
      How do I create an installer API project??
      How do I debug an VSTA macro?
      How do I extract the code from this corrupted SWP file?
      How do I get custom properties not associated with a configuration in VBA?
      How do I get rid of bend area lines?
      How do I get the list of favorite materials in VBA?
      How do I kickoff a debug session in C# from Solidworks
      How do I make a VBA script write to a file custom property?
      How do I make this macro run as a Task?
      How do I query a user to select sketch entities?
      How do I remove component colors in an assembly with a macro?
      How do I run custom macro in Solidworks task scheduler
      How do I run multiple macros rom VB script
      How do I slow a macro down
      How do I start using API
      How do I write a Macro to add a custom property that uses Dimensions?
      How do I write the code to open a Macro and then fill out the Macro's form?
      How do I write the macro code to give the fillet in the sketch?
      How do you add Macro as Macro Feature?
      How do you change the color of a balloon using API
      How do you code a macro to point to the default assembly template location?
      How do you connect to a virtual machine via the API? VBA
      How do you create a Macro Feature Preview
      How do you distribute your macros?
      How do you get the thread on a tapped hole vba
      How Do You Select and Open Files in Design Binder Using API
      How does One set or get the Rotation Axis used in an explode step via API?
      How Does Solidworks Automatically Align .STL files?
      How does the hinge mate work via api?
      How does this macro
      How hard is it to learn to create VB.net add-ins? and where can I learn how?
      How I get the values of the measurement sensors in an assembly per VBA?
      How I translate insertMoldPartingLine macro to VB.NET API
      How is an array with hard-coded values made in SW API/VBA/Macro?
      How is the API compatibility
      How much VB is required before taking the API Training?
      How to access Hole Wizard feature from Hole-callout in a drawing?
      how to add a arc 'name' to the pmp entities select box by select a circle in a sketh(vb or vba)
      How to add a SolidWorks macro in an EPDM Task?
      How to add custom properties to assemblies from a property tab builder api?
      How to add multiple columns on listbox in macro?
      How to AddSolidwork API is GAC.
      How to adjust the row height and column width of BOM using macros?
      How to apply force in a direction using VBA Macro?
      How to assign a add-on's commands to a macro
      how to assign macro to command button in userform?
      How to attach custom data to solidworks features (Sheet metal)
      How to batch export to dxf?
      How to be good in API
      how to break external reference via VBA
      How to call a macro in a second swp project from another macro in the main project
      how to call a macro within a macro
      How to change a sketch plane using VBA?
      How to Change a Table Driven Pattern's Coordinate System with VBA API
      How to change color of sketch in an Assembly Document using the API
      How to change DimXpert Direction in VBA?
      How to change features of a created linear pattern (VB.net)
      How to change label of Auxiliary view on a sheet via API?
      How to change leader option using API (from Radius to Diameter)
      How to change recorded macro to be universal (selection)
      How to change text in a sketch through API
      How to change text in Model with API.
      How to change the hole diameter tolerance using API/Macros (have code)?
      How to change the layer of annotations?
      how to change the rotate angle of move/copy feature by API
      How to change units in document properties with a macro
      How to check a file path is valid by macro?
      How to check break line option in dimension using vba
      How to clean Immediate window in VBA?
      how to code API/macros for creating a simple gear automatically using module, No of teeth
      How to Configurate in BOM of Parts with API?
      How to convert a SW vba file to either .dll or .exe file?
      How to convert a vbproj macro to swp macro?
      How to convert from ModelDoc2 to PartDoc in VBA
      How to convert api macro vb to .exe file
      how to count assembly and subassemblies component with doc manager API
      how to count assembly features in VB.net
      How to creat Macro for add another sheet
      How to create a folder inside an assembly using API?
      How to create a list of all subassemblies, parts, and toolbox items using API?
      How to create a matrix from excel sheet using vba
      how to create a sw add ins by VB.NET
      How to create a macro to change all annotation color?
      How to create a macro to scale a view to fit into a quarter region of a drawing sheet?
      How to create a macro?
      How To Create ActiveX Control In VB.NET For Use In Tab Via AddControl3
      How to create drawing using API_ie using micro (VBA)
      How to create geometry without user seeing it
      How to create precise point in SW by using macro
      How to create this task/macro between Solidworks and Excel?
      How to create macro for replacing part of sentence in custom properties
      How to delete a named feature?
      How to delete an EPDM file using VBA
      How To Delete Equations in a Solidwork Sketch
      How to detect keyboard key presses at the start of a macro run
      How to detect the suppression event of macro feature
      How to determine if selected part in drawing is a toolbox part or not in API Macro
      How to determine whether a point is inside a body by using Solidworks api?
      How to disable sketch picture scale tool in Vba?
      How to draw an sketch in a picturebox of vb.net 2005?
      How to edit a plane with API
      how to edit pack and go -> Save to Name using macro
      How to Edit System values in SW API?
      How to export by VBA the BOM in the .sldasm for a TXT file?
      How to find out the folder/file names in the assembly tree using macro?
      How to fully define many sketchs in a part-model by api
      how to generate very simple G-code with API/Macros
      How to get a File Browser in VBA
      How to get a SolidWorks API with a SolidWorks Student version?
      How to get and set 3-D Spline Handles(VBA)
      How to get and set cursor position in Microsoft Excel using VBA
      How to get Custom Properties of suppressed components in an assembly using VBA?
      How to get edge length thru API
      How to get extrude cut depth when using through all in vba?
      How to get folder card variable values?
      How to get if a selected component is transparent or not in vba
      How to get LineStyle of selected edge in developing Macro?
      How to Get Message Box display into a Text box in a Macro
      How to get multiple selection information using macro?
      How to get only child component's name while traversing assembly in macro
      how to get the center points of the copied circles by 'copy entities' tools in api
      How to get the chain length via vba/vb.net
      How to get the current cursor coordinate ? C# Solidworks2010 API
      How to get the Current folder of a file path
      how to get the font size of note using Solid works API c#
      How to get the name of the original part of a mirrored part
      How to get the second entity attached to an annotation? (VBA)
      How to get the value of a control on a template card - API
      How to get API for SolidWoks Flow Express????
      how to handle the design table in macro
      How to import 300 txt files to 'Scan to 3D'-'Curve wizard' by Macro
      How to include a macro in the model tree
      How to insert "Detailed Cutlist" when using BOM API?
      How to insert a Block in a drawing view through macro?
      How to insert macro into EPDM task?
      How to keep a macro user form active?
      how to keep vba userform on the top of solidworks and user can select something in the sw windows
      how to launch another macro within a macro?
      How to Learn macro VBA commnads
      How to let the listbox of userform from VBA attached with SWx?
      how to link to file a design table in a macro
      How to load dwg files into sw without load blocks with VBA API
      How to make a message to the user: "Please first save the file." in VBA macro?
      How to make a screen capture macro?
      How to make a macro that saves a part as STEP in a specific folder using property name i file name?
      How to make a macro to add parts into an assembly?
      how to make API's
      How to make Macro embeded into a part
      How to measure between Origin and a Coordinate System by VBA Macro ?
      How to model a sheet metal bend with API in VBA?
      how to modify a macro to print only drawing files with '-P'
      How to modify equation values by using excel cell values which are called in macros?
      How to move an existing part to an exist folder using api?
      How to open a child in an assembly
      How to open a macro form to the front?
      how to open all the files in a folder -> macro vba
      How to open file in Solidworks through VBA. Please help me something. Thanks in advance.
      How to open two or three parts in an assembly using macro
      How to open/import CatiaV5 data using vba?
      How to pass value between macros
      How to preserve assembly mates when replacing single-body SLDPRT imported from STP with multi-body SLDPRT?
      How to properly implement collision detection.
      How to protect VBA code?
      How to put change the BOM toolboxes items description using macro?
      How to read the radius of a feature fillet with the API?
      how to register api with vb.net
      How to rename pasted sketch (VBA)?
      How to Reset Spline Handles of a part in Assembly thru a Macro?
      how to Reset the rotate angle of move/copy feature by API
      How to retrieve Geometry Boundary box values in a script
      How to rewrite this line from VBA into VB.NET?
      How to run 2014 Macro in 2012???
      How to run a reg file from a macro
      How to run a macro from Excel
      How to run a macro of combine?It can not be carried out
      How to run a macro on multiple parts
      How to run a macro with task scheduler
      How to run swp macros as standalone application with a help of VBA?which code?
      How to save as PDF in VB.net
      How to save as step using macro?
      How to save custom objects from i.e. "MyClass" within a macro-feature?
      How to save recording as .csproj
      how to save sheets separately to pdf in vba
      How to save the solidworks file as STEP AP214 with VBA??!!
      How to scale detail view through vba macro?
      How to schedule a macro or add-in to run weekly
      How to select a body and other fun stuff
      How to select all contour on surface with Solidworks free macro?
      How to Select Dimensions in Drawing with API
      How to select Reference Co-ordinate system to measure distance in SW VBA
      how to Set a Selection Filter through the API?
      How to set configuration using macro?
      How to set dual dimensions decimal point using API?
      How to set specific configurations with API
      How to set the properties in Cut List using macro?
      How to set to high the accuracy level of mass calculations with a vba macro?
      How to show a component in VB.NET thru API.
      how to show file name only vba macro
      How to sort assembly tree using macro?
      How to specify doubled distance in Macro
      How to split BOM table and cut and paste sections into different sheets with API
      How to start with Composer API?
      How to swap sheet format using macro
      How to terminated a Macro Use another Macro
      How to Translate a component
      How to trigger macro after applying custom properties through Property Tab builder
      How to turn off macros
      How to use "Update Standard Views" in SW 2013 API?
      How to use a variable in the save as file path of a macro
      How to use and setup Macros
      How to use Checkin trigger to activate a macro?
      How to use editsuppress in VB.net
      How to use InsertMultiJogLeader3 API
      How to use the option "to plan in mini-folders" at pack and go using API / macro in VBAlanguage?
      How to use the API to start multiple solidworks process?
      How to use the VBA connect edrawing
      How to use 'Type' in the macro?
      How to use API(.swp) to add equations to a assembly file with a exsiting text file ?
      How to use macro to change the appearance of a part?
      How to use macro to choose the right size of the hardware?
      How to use macro to copy part name and description ?
      How to use macro to create Slip fit in drawing?
      How to use Macro to do dual dimension precision setting? Have code need help
      How to use macro to do simulation setting and export result?
      How to use macro to read a txt file?
      How to use macro?
      how to use VB.net to run an VBA macro(.swp) in the "sub" in the region UI Callbacks?
      How to utilize a macro for costing?
      How to write to text file - Macro
      How to macro that copies info from title block to excel spreadsheet
      How works DisplayWireFrameXOR in VBA or VB.Net?
      How would you decide whether to implement an Addin vs. a Macro?
      Hyperlink in VBA UserForm
      I am getting some debug error when run macro for Adding Drawing View Label.
      I am looking for a macro that converts a part that is used in multiple assemblies into a virtual
      I can save macro as swp but not vbproj format
      I can't get the Create Save Bodies Feature and Create an Assembly (VBA) to work
      I have solid works drawing file with several named sheets, such as sheets "abc", "bcd", "cde","def",etc. I want to delete some sheets, for example "bcd" and "def" with
      I have three macros and was looking at running them from one macro.
      I need a macro made up for me (its a paid gig)
      I need a macro that will delete all unshown configurations in an assembly
      I need a macro to delete supressed featrues
      I need a macro to generate sheet metal DXF files, with certain requirements
      i need a macro which select top plane and export DWG
      I need help defining the actions of this code
      I need Sheetmetal macro
      I need someone to help me in finding a macro
      I search a good documentation API solidworks (VBA or VB.NET) (French or English)
      I want to create a macro feature with vs2005
      I want to learn API, where to start?
      I wish to create a macro to replace a value with a formula and vice versa
      I would like a macro that has 3 steps; Forces Rebuild (ctrl+q) of the current doc, then iso view
      I would like help in developing a macro to create a .001" bond wire....
      I would like to use a macro to pack and go a drawing
      iEdmFile8.GetDerivedBoms trouble
      IEdmTaskInstance and VBA?
      IF Not Empty then API Macro Issue
      Image Quality Macro
      Implementing Edrawing events with VBA
      Import simulation parameter from .NET - framework through SolidWorks API
      ImportBOM macro
      Importing objects using a macro
      Importing polydisperse spheres using a macro
      In drawing, how do I use a macro to select all faces of every solidbody and hatch fill them?
      In drawing, I wanna merge 2 annoations, or add the text from one annotation to another one using
      Including Revision in BatchPDF Script
      Inconsistent API calls?
      Inconsistent macro operation
      Inherit or call from common macros file
      Initiate point command in a sketch vba
      Input on a macro
      Insert Auto Arrange Dimensions Macro?
      Insert Bend table Not working using solidworks API
      Insert BOM macro, text is at 90 degrees
      Insert General Table Template macro
      Insert global variable/equation Macro needed - Help!
      Insert Hole Table
      Insert routing components from design library Using VBA
      InsertBreak - through API
      InsertFeatureTreeFolder2 Usage Question (VBA)
      Inserting a BOM using API
      Inserting Block on drawing using macro
      Inserting blocks on different layer
      Inserting indented BOM table with detailed numbering, VBA
      Inserting model views into a drawing (VBA)
      Inserting sketch text in assembly component?
      InsertLibraryFeature macro
      InsertRefPlane help
      Inspect SW objects values when debugging in vb.NET
      Inspection "Export to Excel" macro
      Internal Loop(s) Convert Entities macro
      Interop and "I" clarification please.
      IntersectCurve in VBA
      Intersecting Features in Weldments, VBA
      Invalid object ID when requesting WorkFlow.InitialState
      Invisible solidworks VBA process help
      Is a macro to automatically do Surface Boundaries possible?
      Is an API and a Macro the same? If they are not, what is the difference between them?
      Is it possible to call custom addin's commands in VBA macro(swp file)?
      is it possible to create a light scene and color macro?
      Is it possible to create a macro in solidworks assembly ?
      Is it possible to create a macro in SolidWorks, in order to check for interferences (between
      Is it possible to create a script that adds a new macro to all users computers?
      Is it possible to edit Custom Properties with a script outside of SW?
      Is it possible to find and change inserted part settings with the API?
      Is it possible to get the length of sheet metal bend with vba?
      Is it possible to run a macro when saving? Or rebuilding?
      Is it possible to run run solidworks macro file via MATLAB mfile?
      Is it possible to set the configuration when adding a part to an assembly using a VBAmacro?
      Is it possible to update *.sldlfp files via API/Macro?
      Is it possible to use a macro to rename all of the mates in an assembly?
      Is solidworks API totally separate from PDM API?
      Is there a fast operation or macros to batch change logo in my hundreds of drawings?
      Is there a way to Copy Assembly, Parts, & Drawings with VB.net?
      Is there a way to have a macro create files in the same folder
      Is there a way to programatically save a drawing as a pdf? (Using VB.net Windows App)
      Is there a way to remove a file reference using API
      Is there a way to replace a missing reference file in a drawing using the API?
      Is there a way to run a macro when closing a drawing file?
      Is there a way to save Iso, Front and Top view images through API code?
      Is there a macro to pack and go drawings?
      Is There an Easy Way to Reinstall Macro Buttons?
      is there an api for the animator add-in?
      Is there an API method for getting a serial number from SolidWorks PDM?
      Is there any access to the Design Journal through the API?
      Is there any way to clear temporary bodies from model when a script is prematurely terminated?
      Is there any way to force start a macro on startup of solidworks
      Is there any API for modifying Explode Steps within a Motion Study?
      Is there any API/Script for Ecommerce?
      Is there now enough demand for a dedicated MACRO space on the forum?
      is this API possible?
      Isolate body with macro?
      Issue Converting VBA Print Macro to VB.Net (No error but won't print)
      Issue in dimension override in drawing sheet
      Issue with BOM Macro
      Issue with Merge Points on DXF Import
      Issue with strings as parameters
      Issues with InsertModelAnnotations3 functionality in a macro
      Iterate sketches in a part or assembly in a drawing view
      iTunes for SW API?
      I've 3 configurations in Assembly. I want a macro to Rebuild all 3 configurations
      Jog toggle macro?
      kernel32.dll functionality in SolidWorks 2013? (VBA)
      Keyboard shortcuts inside macro
      Kickoff a task via the API
      Kinematics Macro - can I drive the model?
      Languages for API
      Large numbers in arguments with record macro
      Launching API applications for SolidWorks
      Layer control with a macro
      Layer Macro
      Learning custom properties macro question
      Learning more about API
      Learning the API
      Learning API for solidworks
      Length Width macro
      Let user continue modelling while VB6 Macro runs
      Library Feature Part with Macro
      Library Feature Macro
      Limit Access to Folder & Access With Macro Only
      line in macro to print all sheets, not just active !
      Line thickness print settings VBA
      LinearPattern - ModifyDefinition - Performance hit
      link dimensions macro or vb script
      Link Display States to Configurations VBA
      link global variable to custom property via macro
      Linked sketch text now possible! (sort of)
      List of Configurations - API Macro
      ListView not working in swp & office 2010
      Lite version of API for PDM Standard
      Little help with HoleWizard API
      Load VB Express userform into Solidworks for editing.
      Location Folder Macro Button
      lock/unlock files in the vault vba excel
      Lofted Boss/Base via VBA macro
      Looking for a macro that can be used to export assemblies in to separate parts
      Looking for a macro that will pull a custom property from a part or assembly model and copy
      Looking for an updated 64bit macro to create a thumbnail that could be imported into an Excel
      Looking for Edrawing API
      Looking for API macro for Line Property change
      Looking for macro to change description of parts in pdm
      loop macro
      Loop macro for creating virtual ASM Structure
      Luke Malpass Book (AngleSix)
      Macro- for saving $PRP:"..." in dxf (At sketch)
      Macro - BOM
      Macro - Curved pattern that rotate and scale original element at the same time
      Macro - Determine CirPattern Axis Type
      Macro - Drawing to PDF & part flat pattern to DWG/DXF
      Macro - drawing update & save
      Macro - Edit part dimensions via input box
      Macro - export to IGES for multiple configurations
      Macro - Get File Name Stripped Down in Drawing File
      Macro - How to insert BOM into SLDASM file?
      macro - linked library missing after uninstall
      Macro - Locating Circular Pattern Instances
      macro - pack & go & zip
      MACRO - Save As Parasolid with Revision after Part Number
      Macro - Save as PDF & JPEG
      Macro - Save Part Number based on Folder Prefix
      Macro #.txt
      Macro : Cutlist properties to Custom Properties
      Macro : Sheetmetal Thickness, K factor, Bend radius
      Macro 3D PDF
      Macro 3DSketch
      Macro adjustment
      Macro Almost Works Needs Help with Reference
      Macro and custom button for Special Ballon
      Macro Assemblies
      macro associating mate references in assemblies
      macro auto assembly
      Macro Automatic Start when a Drawing is Opened
      Macro Batch export multisheet solidworks to multiple dwg with modelname as dwg filename
      Macro beginner question
      Macro BOM
      Macro builder/helper
      Macro building features in a loop doesn’t work
      Macro button icon in assembly tree?
      Macro Button Missing
      Macro Button missing .swp format
      Macro code for already existing assemblies
      Macro controling on/off of layers
      macro corrupted... ?
      Macro Dialog Box
      Macro dimensions
      Macro do Print as PDF
      Macro doesn't open in 2013sp0
      Macro don't want to open assembly after a while.
      Macro drawing configurations as dxf with layers
      macro edit
      Macro Editing
      Macro Enabled Design Tables
      Macro Enabled Worksheets Not Supported
      macro errors in 2011 sp1
      Macro Example from API Help
      Macro execute on XP x32 but not on Windows 7 x64
      Macro Export PDF Custom File Name & Settings
      Macro fails to run twice...Runtime Error 462
      Macro Feature
      Macro Feature
      Macro Feature (VBA) Template to place recorded macro into.
      Macro Feature / API question Knitting Bodies
      Macro feature main and rebuild question
      Macro feature question
      Macro Feature, Embedded Macro, Event Listener?
      Macro Features
      Macro Feature's Sketch sub-feature enters edit state when Macro Feature is being edited?
      Macro file not saving changes
      Macro file type to run check
      Macro for .STEP from drwaing
      macro for 1 click save as pdf
      Macro for a macro button
      Macro for adding Drawnby and Drawndate
      Macro for adjusting dimension to keep constant volume?
      Macro for assembly drawings
      Macro for Ballooning Prints
      Macro for BOM
      Macro for calculation of Moment of inertia
      Macro for Changing assembly configs
      Macro for Changing Hatch Properties
      Macro for changing sheet format
      Macro for changing sheet format?
      Macro for changing sketch planes (batch)
      Macro for changing the Annotations folder name
      Macro for changing the component name in an assembly
      Macro for Collecting all bends in Fold and Unfold feature
      Macro for Configurations Render
      Macro for Co-Ordinate System
      Macro for Counting the dimensions
      Macro for creating Coordinate Systems on click
      macro for creating curves reading coordinates from textpad
      Macro for curve through xyz to import several curves in one
      macro for custom property
      Macro for Deleting Item off Current Drawing Sheet
      Macro for design tree display
      Macro for dimensioning between arcs not the center
      Macro for Drawing
      Macro for drawing scale and input dimensions
      Macro for editing Text featue
      Macro for export weldtables
      Macro for exporting BOM to excel - For all assemblies in a Folder
      Macro for exporting configurations to separate Parasolid Files
      Macro for feature freeze?
      Macro for file properties
      Macro for finding edges
      Macro for General Table
      Macro for Guide Post (Standar Part for Die)
      Macro for Hole
      Macro for importing inventor files and saving in .step
      Macro for inserting virtual part and renaming it.
      Macro for iterating a dimension and saving as Jpeg, 280 time
      Macro for Layer change
      macro for LKM mold base
      Macro for Load/Unload of COSMOSWorks Pro Addin
      Macro for measuring distances
      Macro for Motion Plots
      Macro for offsetting a surface and then thickening
      Macro for Part Elevations?
      Macro for propagating revision lines to referenced drawings
      Macro for read and edit BOM
      Macro for removing ALL color at the Part level
      Macro for repetitive surface loft operation
      Macro for Save As with custom file name and location.
      Macro for saving after completion of calculation
      Macro for saving file as configuration name?
      Macro for Saving Part file and IGES file Simultaneously
      Macro for saving solidworks drawing as a .dwg file
      Macro For Selecting and Deleting All Revision Clouds on a Drawing
      Macro for selecting material type
      Macro for sheet metal slot and tab
      Macro for that?
      Macro for turning on a Solidworks Add-In (such as PDM client)
      Macro for variable dimension control
      Macro for weld numbering
      Macro Format error
      Macro from 32bit to 64bit
      Macro from macro will not continue code
      Macro generate STEP-files
      Macro get xyz coordinate from point ?
      macro hanging with large assembly
      Macro hangs if file is open
      Macro help
      Macro help
      Macro Help
      Macro help
      Macro Help
      Macro help
      macro help
      Macro help- Exporting configurations
      Macro Help for beginner
      Macro help for connecting specified points with line
      Macro Help, Finding and reporting distance in a msgbox
      Macro help, macro pasted in text
      Macro Help. Need File name to drive part number and Rev
      Macro help. Planes,spline,points
      Macro Help: Multibody part to assembly, then assembly to STL
      Macro Help: Open All Drawings In Folder and Save As PDF
      Macro Help: Pack and go With drawings and change name to property
      Macro Hide Blend Edges
      Macro icon
      Macro Icon In Toolbar is Small
      Macro icon works in SW10 but not SW09
      Macro in assembly to insert a part
      Macro insert rows into BOM
      Macro Instability With Different SolidWorks Versions?
      Macro is changing custom properties in both files
      Macro is not behaving correctly
      macro is not working
      Macro is not working on previous version of Solidworks
      Macro Learning Material
      Macro Library
      Macro list
      Macro Loader
      macro management on a local network.
      Macro modify
      Macro Needed - Hide all Planes, Coordinate Sys, Axis, etc...
      Macro needed for avoiding overlapping of dimensions in drawing
      Macro Needed: Assign and finish current command
      Macro needed: Insert bill of materials for multiple assemblies
      Macro Needed: save all parts of an assembly to .dxf
      macro not be used
      Macro not combining custom properties
      Macro Not End
      Macro not running
      Macro not Saving
      Macro not working after adding date picker
      Macro not working after upgrade to 2013
      Macro not working in x64
      macro on multiple parts
      Macro only works near origin.
      Macro Output to Specific Folder
      Macro part help
      Macro preforms different on different machines
      Macro prevents Solidwork from Opening Files and Running
      Macro Problems in SW
      Macro programming same for 64 bit as 32 bit?
      Macro project to make existing parts virtual and more...
      Macro Property Manager Page ActiveX control not working with 64 bit XP
      Macro Question
      Macro Question - Batch Save PDFs
      Macro Recording of Datum addition does not repeat action
      Macro References
      macro request - multiselect 'edit sketch plane'
      macro request - replace custom sheet size drawings with new template
      Macro request: Insert a Bill of Materials from template, add a row, merge cells in that row, insert
      Macro required to export all configurations of assembly to parasolid
      macro run
      Macro run automatically when open a file
      Macro run-Crashes SolidWorks
      Macro save as jpg
      Macro Seems to Ignore Assigned Mass and Still Gets Calculated Mass
      Macro select all items mated to part
      Macro selecting next item in part tree
      Macro selects point@origin instead of line endpoint
      Macro Sheet metal cut size
      Macro sometimes (not always) errors at make file
      Macro stopped working
      macro stopped working
      Macro Stopped Working (Run-time error)
      Macro sub that allows users to select a printer
      macro swp recover
      macro swp recover
      Macro that changes dimension on multiple parts
      macro that inserts design table
      macro that looks through its folder for certain file names and saves as dxf.
      Macro that reads the customproperties of not active.doc parts
      Macro that run when checking-in a drawing
      Macro to "make independent" all components in assembly?
      Macro to "Saveas pdf and then open pdf"
      Macro to add a custom property PartNo to each of the components dependent of the type
      Macro to Add Comment to models
      Macro to add Custom Properties
      Macro to Add Limit Tolerance
      Macro to add Note with Material and Mass in Drawings
      Macro to Add Prefix to All Custom Properties
      Macro to Addin trouble
      Macro to apply .p2m based on material
      Macro to apply annotation note to multiple sheets
      Macro to apply Smart Dims to face of part.
      Macro to assign same configuration specific and material
      Macro to associate BOM with Sheet Number
      macro to automatically change custom properties value
      Macro to bring back "link values" command?
      macro to bring property manager tab forward
      macro to call a custom prop template on save
      Macro to capture points in 3d sketch and export to excel
      Macro to center multiple drawing sheets
      Macro to change all dimension color in the active document (drawing)
      Macro to change Balloon Default Property
      Macro to Change Balloon Formating on all sheetsI
      Macro to change dimension properties
      macro to change drawing title and drawing sheets
      Macro to change force value and run static simulation (SW BUG?)
      Macro to change grams to kilograms in part and assembly models?
      Macro to change ordinate dimension colors
      Macro to change revision scheme of revision tables
      Macro to change sheet format on one drawing
      macro to change sheet scale
      Macro to change the orientation of a model
      Macro to change View and/or Sheet Scale
      Macro to convert assembly file to drw file
      Macro to convert lines(straight or curved) into points
      Macro to copy & paste custom properties
      macro to copy 1st sheet Multiple time for each configuration of a part.
      Macro to Copy All design data out (& back in) of a model
      macro to copy all drawing sheets to a new drawing
      Macro To Create A Screw Conveyor Flight & Flat Pattern
      Macro to create Bounding Box - How about Cylinders?
      Macro to create custom prop & populate it
      Macro to create Flat Pattern configurations in .SLDDRW
      Macro to create Property Manager fails on 64bit
      Macro to create Zipped folder of exports.
      Macro to Cut and Measure Cross-Sectional Area
      Macro to delete balloons
      Macro to delete selected layers in SW Drawings.
      Macro to dimension flat pattern
      Macro to disable material crosshatch
      Macro to display the bounding box properties in SW2018
      Macro to divide a spline in points
      Macro to do Slddrw to PNG without background?
      Macro to draw a line between 2 3d points
      Macro to draw arrows
      Macro to export a BOM with thumbnails to excel
      macro to export center of mass/gravity of parts from an assembly to excel
      Macro to export clearance detection into excel
      Macro to Export Custom Properties to Excel
      Macro to export Cut-list?
      Macro to Export Flat Pattern to DXF
      Macro to Export Flat Pattern to DXF file in SW 2010
      Macro to export in dxf
      Macro to export model as .step file
      Macro to Export Multiple Configurations
      Macro to export multiple configurations to STL
      Macro to export probe frequency data from linear dynamic random vibe simulation
      Macro to Extract from Cutlist Item 1 and place in Custom Properties
      Macro to figure open area of a face
      Macro to filter undefined parts in an assembly?
      Macro to Fix Assigned Mass Properties
      Macro to generate pdf (export only 1st sheet)
      Macro to generate report from simulation
      Macro to get all sort of names in SW assembly
      Macro to get entities & entity points
      Macro to get OBD and Factor into Property Manager
      Macro to have evenly distributed points on a curve
      Macro To Hide All Sketches In Top Assembly
      macro to hide all visible surfaces in assembly
      Macro to hide/unhide a specific drawing view?
      Macro To Import Equations
      Macro to import save and close files
      Macro to increment configuration number?
      Macro to insert BOM suddenly fails..?
      Macro to insert general table and populate with configuration-specific custom properties
      Macro to Insert New Part and Edit???
      Macro to Insert Note in a Drawing depending on the Material Used
      Macro to iterate through .SLDPRT configs and save Top view DWG of each?
      Macro to know if a file exist in Vault ?
      Macro to link external equation file to multiple parts
      Macro to Load add-in at startup
      Macro to Load Dimension Styles
      Macro to lock or break all external relations
      Macro to make drawings for flat pattern configurations
      Macro to make sheet scale the same as DrawingView1 scale
      Macro to mate named coordinatesystem
      Macro to measure and record distance
      Macro to Measure Perimeter of a Section Face
      Macro to meters³ set kg meters in units
      Macro to open drawing from Part Model
      Macro to open edrawing file not working for 2015...
      Macro to open parts in a folder and save as another file type
      Macro To Open Shortcut Bar
      Macro to open the most recent part
      Macro to organise feature manager and check-in file.
      Macro to paint a surface
      Macro to plot points
      Macro to position model and render with PV360
      macro to print to default printer
      Macro to pull in DXF/PDF from server is missing files
      macro to read balloon content in Drawing and change the note
      Macro to read OpenSCAD files?
      Macro to rebuild all parts in assembly
      Macro to rebuild views within drawing
      Macro to reduce Image Quality for all parts and assemblies in a folder.
      Macro to rename configurations by the filename
      Macro to Rename Cut-List Folders and Bodies based on Filename
      Macro to rename solidworks files
      macro to replace BOM
      Macro to run another Macro file
      Macro to run another Macro file (.swp)
      Macro to save a dwg to a different folder.
      Macro to save as a PDF with a different name every time
      Macro to save as pdf with configuration specific PartNo property as filename
      Macro to Save as PDF with Rev
      Macro to save assembly as dxf files of standard views
      Macro to save drawing as dwg
      Macro to save drawing as pdf with sheetnames renamed to custom property
      Macro to save DWG with scale 1:1
      Macro to save file and then create/add to zip folder
      Macro to save jpg of iso view
      Macro to save multibody part as assembly
      Macro to save PDF in dynamic location
      Macro to save PDF to another file folder ??
      Macro to save Tiff
      Macro to SaveAs a Part Configuration
      Macro to Saves As, Reopen, Update Properties, Save, Close
      Macro to see Config Specific Mass AND Assigned Mass
      Macro to select all edges connected to an edge and fillet them all
      Macro to select all splines
      Macro to select surface of a "cut with surface"
      Macro to select the first component in the model tree
      Macro to seperate file name
      Macro to set image quality to Red Zone in SW
      Macro to set kg in units
      Macro to set the Measure tool options, can't get it done
      Macro to setup macro toolbar VBA
      Macro to show mass and area for parts
      Macro to silently open model, update custom property, silently resave
      Macro to split entities
      Macro to switch BOM options to "Document Name" instead of configuration name
      Macro to Switch Toolboxes
      Macro to to update Balloon
      Macro to trim the entities
      Macro to truncate filename and update references?
      Macro to Turn on Shadows in Shaded Mode, RealView and Ambient Occlusion
      Macro to turn PDWMorks add-in on/off
      Macro to update a Curve Through XYZ Points
      macro to update a particular cell in a general table
      Macro to update drawing template
      Macro to update PDMW property failing
      Macro to update subassembly sketches in top down design ?
      Macro to Update the Cutlist Properties for all Components
      Macro to verify child part metadata
      Macro to write out dimension location on drawings
      Macro to write PDM variables in Part Properties
      Macro Using GetMassProperties (IModelDocExtension) Gets Somewhat Inaccurate Data
      macro using the power select addin
      Macro VBA - saves empty files
      Macro VBA for light and camera creation
      macro- VBA listbox
      Macro which creates PDF of multiple drawing files
      Macro which suppresses all folders of the same name in an assembly
      Macro which will increase a file name instance
      Macro who is adding a custom property like:
      Macro will not run after copy
      Macro will not work in vista 64bit
      Macro will run in the VBA editor, but won't run stand-alone
      Macro with userform to open configurations in Solidworks 2018
      Macro won't look at configuration specific parts
      Macro wont run on 64 bit OS...HELP!
      Macro won't work unless opened/closed first.
      Macro working in VSTA but not from dll
      Macro Works Fine pre-2011, Now Not at All
      macro works great 500 times, then crashes
      Macro works properly in "Step into" debug mode only.
      Macro writing / Batch Process integration
      Macro, scan feature tree of assembly, rename parts
      macro... newbie question (?)
      Macro................. Really????
      Macro/Add-in vs Vista 64
      Macro/API needed to print to pdf and rename to drawing title
      Macro/api to count the holes from a Cut-Extrude feature
      Macro/application performance
      MACRO/DRIVEWORKS Delete .DWG from specified folder
      Macro/Scripting help
      Macro/Task - Export Document Info/Where Used to Excel
      Macro: - Measure Solid Bodies
      Macro:- Automate Creation of Information of hole
      Macro: Autosort BOM
      Macro: delete display states
      Macro: Extruded Cut using Multiple Sketches
      Macro: Is file from the Design Library?
      Macro: need help with macro for auto pdf + dxf to specific folders
      Macros are crashing Solidworks
      Macro's not working - no active document
      Macros Section?
      Macros started via Runmacro2 command in C# DLL don't run correctly
      Macros to populate new part
      Macros Troubleshooting: Issues And Resolutions
      Macro's won't run
      Macro's. What are they and what are the benefits?
      Main assembly not included in Pack and Go macro
      Make a feature (A Boss-Extrude) transparent using API (vba)
      make a sub-assemblies with a vba macro
      Make a macro loop throughout parts of an Assembly and its subassemblies
      make virtual macro help!!
      Making a Exposed COM DLL Macro Feature
      Making a repetition function in my macro
      Making a macro
      Making form model in VB.net/SW VSTA
      Making the API Fun
      Mark for Drawing option ON-OFF
      Mass Properties of Sub-Assemblies Macro
      Mass-searching macro challenge
      Mate Failure in API
      Mating Macro
      May I program a exe to manage the custom properties of SWX part doc?
      Merged 2 macro's, get too many files error 67.
      Merging Two Macros?
      Migrating macros from sw2013 to sw2012
      Minimize a window with macro
      Missing references Excel API
      Model items in flattened view
      ModelName is erased after using InsertMoveFace function
      Modified version of Revision Block Control macro (created by Matt Lorono)
      Modify an existing concentric mate using a macro?
      Modify to combine 2 macros
      Mouse click API
      Move Drawing View to New Layer
      Move/copy api
      MS VBA references for MSAccess
      multi-body drawing macro
      Multibody Sheet Metal Parts & Macro - HELP
      Multipart - set transfer 'Cut list props', for inserted parts
      Multiple page Macro
      my first macro program
      My Macros...
      name the body with part number with macro
      Need a macro for Assembly drawing
      Need a macro for exporting coordinates of 3-d points from one sketch to excel sheet and importing
      Need a macro for pdf translation
      need a macro that saves drawing as dwg, with a file name that matches the drawing I use it on.
      need a macro to browse the listtbox and open the selected part in solidworks
      Need a macro to change a custom property
      Need a macro to click the flip vertical button for large number of sketchtext entities
      Need a macro to convert dimensions (units) in all drawings in a folder...
      Need Help for a Macro
      Need Help in ICreateArc Method (IModeler) Mouse events VB.Net
      Need help in writing a macro to place text ballons with numbers in it.
      Need help modifying a "sheet format update" macro
      Need help modifying existing macro to run through all configurations
      Need help to create "SPLIT LINE" by a VBA macro
      Need Help To Edit Macro
      need help with (what i thought would be a) simple macro....
      need help with a macro
      Need help with macro that will change the units of selected dimensions
      Need one more function from this macro
      Need to add/edit a key frame VBA
      Need to auto run a macro on Solidworks Office Pro 2007 start-up
      Need to create hole wizard macro
      Need API
      need API
      Need API VB.Net Assistance: Add Event Handlers to a VB.Net Standalone Form
      Need macro - configurations hide
      Need Macro for exporting results of 'Interference Detection' into excel
      Need macro for recording time
      need macro to change detail circle size
      Need Macro to Edit BOM Item Numbers: Replace 1, 2, 3,,,with 01, 02, 03
      need macro to save model as 3d pdf
      need Macro to search and replace text please
      Need macro to zoomfit trimetric, and some more..
      Need MACRO with semicolon (;) as delimiter (BOM to CSV )
      Needing help with VBA macro
      Needs a macro to Show mass in Kg
      Nesting Curve Through XYZ / Macro Feature Selection
      New Button for New Macro
      New EPDM API Guide
      new folder excel vba
      new on api worlds
      New to Solidworks API
      New to API !
      New to API !
      New to API & need Help
      New to API; having trouble getting started
      New to macro writing in solidworks
      New with API
      New API User
      New Macro Request
      New macro wtih vbaproj file
      No little dropdown menus in VBA?
      No option to create a macro in c#
      Note Width control (VBA)
      Obnoxious notification windows
      Old vb.net (x32) add-in on vista (x64) machine.
      Older macro new SW
      one macro to add configuration... to two different parts?
      only vba?
      Open a "sldprt" using SolidWorks VBA
      Open a document whitout display it with vb.net
      Open a file and run a macro
      Open a link in a SW Macro
      open a MACRO
      Open and Control Dialog - VBA
      Open Document in VB.Net
      Open Drawing Macro
      Open Edit Feature Dialogue using API
      Open file explorer in macro?
      Open Solidwork file from Excel VBA
      open sw-document in Excel with VBA
      open macro standard on .dll
      opendoc6, quickview API, VB macro
      Opening a part using a macro
      Opening Excel Files in VBA
      Opening file using solidworks api in vb.net
      Opening Parts in an Assembly using VBA?
      Ordering Mates with VBA
      Ordinate Dimensioning using the API
      Out of memory. Multiple instances of a macro open
      Output all digits of a double in VBA macro
      Pack & Go with PDF Macro
      pack and go
      Pack and Go - API Help
      Pack and Go (VBA) include drawings
      pack and go an assembly using macro vba -error
      pack and go sheets as seperate files, macro?
      Pack and Go API bug?
      Pack and Go Macro - Overwrite = False
      pack and go macro adaption
      pack and go VBA crashing
      Pack&Go API: setDocumentSaveToNames fails
      Packaging macro
      PackAndGo API fails, but manually works fine!?!?
      part by part selection macro
      Part View Rotate Macro
      Partnumber-configuation Macro
      Part's Macro Feature not running on Assembly's Rebuild
      password macro
      Pause API to wait for user input
      Pause Macro then......
      PDF Creator Macro
      PDF Export Macro from Workgroup PDM
      PDF Save Macro Problem
      PDF macro help
      PDF Macro Help.
      PDF Macro with Revision Info
      PDFCreator - macro to run?
      PDM Add-In for Basic VBA-Type Functions/Tasks
      PDM Check in or out with one hot key or click?
      PDM set variable api VBA
      PDM standard - can a macro do anything at all?
      PDM via VBA - add file to vault as new version on existing file
      PDM watermark removal does not play nice with printing macro
      PDM Works API Won't Connect: User Defined Type not Defined
      PDM API - first pdm macro - clear cache command not working yet
      PDM API - first pdm macro - get latest version of folder
      PDM API - Searching, and getting & replacing references
      PDM API file reference
      PDM API Help - Changing File Referencing
      PDM Script Help
      PDM, How to check out a Drawing file already open using API (VBA)
      PDMW Excel VBA Fails at CreateObject("PDMWorks.PDMWConnection")
      PDMW status/properties macro
      PDMWorks API C# Sample
      PDMWorks API fails to connect
      Performance differences in SW2009 using obsolete api methods?
      Performance Issue with Solidworks
      Performance of VB.net to traverse is very bad , worse than the same code in VBA, how to improve?
      Picture handling macro in drawing - Help plz
      Place Macro on Toolbar
      Placing a BOM on a drawing using a macro
      Placing circles in corners of a sketch
      Plane thru point and line macro
      playing back recorded macro fails...
      Please show me how to select the "known" point in the first sketch so I can add the relation. VBA
      Please wait" message until macro finishes executing
      Populate Excel Cells With SolidWorks Custom Properties
      Position a bubble tooltip in a Drawing
      Print a zoom window? Workaround?
      Print Current Sheet Macro
      Print PDF WITH Api
      Print Macro
      Print Macro
      Printing through edrawings from Excel VBA
      probe results VBA
      Problem during creation motor linear with vba macro
      problem during running API...
      Problem generating BOM with macro
      problem running macro from macro
      Problem Saving a Macro
      Problem SendKeys in vb.net Solidworks Addin
      Problem to generate "global Contact" by API VB.NET
      problem when run macro
      Problem with a macro
      Problem with Document Manager API property ISwDMTable2::ReferencedConfigurationNames
      Problem with SolidWorks VB.NET Add-in Template
      Problem with macro buttons
      Problem with VBA and Solidworks 64-bit
      Problems in Property Page Manager API
      Problems using VSTA with Windows 7 64bit
      Problems with Callout API Examples
      problems with macro for batch printing
      proccessing multiple files with API
      Profile Mate Macro?
      program to read solidworks file n display a txt file with all feature and sketches in it.
      Programming Macros - Platform basics
      project incompatible with current version of Visual Studio
      Projected Split Line API
      PropertyManager Page Add-In Tutorial (C#/VB.NET, SolidWorks 2011)
      Proprietary Model
      protect my vba program
      Pull existing dimension from preexisting model
      Pulling Custom Properties in Macro
      Pulling Material Information from a Custom Material Library
      quantity macro with excel parts-only BOM
      Query list of General Table names in a Drawing
      Question about adding mates using a Macro
      question about createcircle method...
      Question regarding Lenny's Config Manager Macro
      Question: How to end a macro running in C#
      Quick Dimension Changer (hi/low & bilateral to Sym)
      Quick Dissolve Subassembly (macro?)
      Raise an Event?
      Reactivate macro recording
      Read Data Card properties via API
      Read the file name -> macro vba
      Reapply material to part
      Reassigning Document Properties to Layers
      Rebuild reference tree without checking in the file - API
      Rebuild the model by recorded API through Macro
      RecognizeFeatureAutomatic giving errors in VBA that I am unable to resolve
      record a finite elements analyse
      Record a macro that works on "all" drawings..
      record macros in C#
      Recorded Print Macro Prints Incorrectly
      recorded macro doesnt playback correctly
      Recorded macro fails when run?
      Recorded Macro for Motor Input
      recorded macro not performing tasks
      Recording a macro
      Recording a macro - Won't work on machine with VS2008 installed!
      Recording Macro to add equation & File Properties NOT WORKING
      Referenced Folder Locations Macro
      References for PDMWorks in VBA?
      References in vba for all version ?
      Reg : SolidWorks API SDK.msi
      Regenerate Macro Feature using SwComFeature
      Registering for Drawing Events in vb.net AddIn
      Reload a specified assembly component from a different path
      Reload Add In without restarting SolidWorks for example by a macro?
      Reload Sheet Format Macro
      Remove "Read Only" on toolbox external folder - Macro
      Remove a mate
      Remove appearance from selected faces - VBA
      Remove Enterprise PDM Addin using API
      Rename a userform in SW macro
      Rename the 3 Default Planes - API
      rename api coding
      Renaming all sheet tabs to config specific properties
      RenderMaterial through API + VBA issues
      Reorder Custom Properties macro not working in SW2016
      Replace Component Macro
      Replace referenced edge of a drawing dimension through API
      Replace text in a macro
      Request for a Macro...
      Required Solidworks macro/API program to create a 3d point.
      Requires macro for Solidworks Routing
      Reset the "ItemNo." in BOM/ or Create a Counter in VBA
      Resetting Default "Files of Type" in the Run Macro Dialog box?
      resources for teaching myself API/VBA functionality
      Restore the 'Copy Setting Wizard' through a macros or VBA button
      Retreive $PRP variables as a string in solidworks VBA
      Return to macro after RunCommand
      Reusable Cut Macro
      Revised macro to hide planes, sketches and other reference features
      Revision Block Macro
      Revision Table Macro
      Revision Macro
      Rotate a block using a VBA macro
      Rotate a cell in a general table through a VBA macro.
      Routing Drawing Macro
      ROV design macro
      Run a SolidWorks Macro (.swp) in PDM transition
      Run a macro on all files in a folder
      Run a macro when a new drawing is started
      Run a Script files on multiple Draftsight files.
      Run a VBA macro on Close
      Run all studies macro
      run function in another .swp file
      Run multiple macros from a single macro
      run solidworks macros(.swp) as a standalone script
      Run standalone application from a SWP macro
      Run the Macro only on components start with "12345"
      Run time Error 91 with coordinate macro that was previously working
      Run Macro Error
      Run Macro for Each File in Specific Folder
      Run macro if display part name contains "21-100"
      Run Macro in all configs?
      Run Macro in Task Scheduler
      Run Macro into Add-in
      Run macro on "New SolidWorks Document"
      Run macro on all *.SLDLFP files in a directory, including subdirectories.
      Run macro on all open drawings
      Run macro on model insert into drawing
      Run macro when saving
      Run VBA macros from Visual C#
      RunMacro2 errors when running macro.
      Running a macro on all files in in a folder
      Running a macro via PDM Tasks - problems with 'Save As' dialog
      running command line command from VBA
      Running Excel template VBA macro due to an event in SolidWorks C# macro
      Running Get Coordinate System Transform Example (VBA) in SolidWorks
      Running my macro from the start-screen starts with wrong module/sub
      Running SolidWorks API programs in batch mode
      Running Solidworks SWP file from other programs
      Running SW VSTA VB Macro from outside debugger
      Running SW-Macro with EPDM Dispatch
      running Word macro during transition
      Running Macro from an add-in as an embedded resource in Visual Studio
      Running Macros swb files. Cannot open
      Running swp macro from c# program
      Save a PART as a MACRO?
      Save As (with different name) macro
      save as .xaml
      Save as and auto name in PDM (in VBA)
      Save as Configuration Macro
      Save as copy and Continue
      Save as DXF Macro
      Save as Parasolid Macro Needed
      Save As PDF in Different Folder Using Macro
      Save as PDF with Revision macro
      Save As PDF macro, how to save one or two directories back?
      Save As PDF Macro, Not Save Certain Sheets
      Save as PDF/DXF macro hanging
      Save As Macro
      Save As macro help, removing sheet name
      save as macro needed
      Save copy of file from vault automaticly adding REV level to file name
      Save cutlist as Text API
      Save Drawing BOM to excel Macro - issue only saving one BOM
      Save Drawing View as DXF Macro
      Save drawing view as DXF/DWG
      Save Each Sheet As PDF - Help
      Save Isometric View Macro
      Save label caption on userform
      Save multiple BOMs into one Excel file - possible?
      Save New Version
      Save notification after running a macro
      Save only certain sheets as a PDF via a Macro
      Save PDF with script
      Saveas DXF Macro
      Save-As PDF macro
      saveas pdf vba api crashes
      SaveAs with References macro
      saveas macro
      Saving an Assembly as an Part in VB.Net Add-In
      Saving Settings for a Macro
      Saving to .LXO from Macro
      Saving Macro
      saving macro files?!
      Scaling Pop-up in Macro for saving as pdf and dxf
      ScanTo3d API
      Scanto3D API GetMeshCount
      screen capture api
      Script to add macro button to Macro Toolbar?
      Searching for 3 in 1 Macro: pack an go¶solid&pdf
      Select All Arcs in a Sketch
      select all hide blend edges macro
      Select all identical components in Assembly using macro
      Select file in task pane design library using VBA
      Select part by name
      Select Top Level Assembly using macro
      SelectByID2 doesn't work in VB.NET at all
      Selecting a face and then clicking a macro button to create DXF
      Selecting all surface finish symbols
      Selecting Edge in a Section View Drawing
      Selecting named surfaces and using them in mates with VBA
      selecting the top item in the design tree of partdoc
      SelectionBox and Macro Feature
      SendKeys in VBA
      Serious error attempting to run macro.
      Serious Error during macro playback
      Serious Error Occured on Open Macro
      Serious error occured on open macro file
      Set annotation text color to default via macro
      Set balloon uppertext and no leader in macro?
      Set Display State Via API Call
      Set folder path using folder browser - VB.net or VBA macro
      Set mass properties to custom settings using a macro help
      Set printer and paper size by macro
      Set sheet scale in VBA
      Set Style spline in vba
      Set the "horizontal cell padding" in a macro?
      Set Wait Cursor with VBA
      SetBOMTableType API
      Setting Dimension to Inspection dimension VBA
      Setting Lights for All Configurations
      Setting Note Line Length
      Setting Pdf Colour/Black & White using a vba macro
      Setting Sheet Metal Gauge Table Via API
      Setting up a custom task with macro
      SetupSheet5 VBA editor change parameters
      Setvar doesn't work in Vba
      Sharing a custom macro button
      Sheet Format - Macro Question
      sheet metal flange macro
      Sheet Metal Macro to find distance from edge of hole to bend
      Sheet Numbering Macro, is it possible?
      Sheet reloading macro needs to keep original scale
      Sheet scale from view scale macro
      Sheet scale macro doesn't rebuild in 2015
      Sheetmetal - how to insert a note with custom cut list item properties in drawing? InsertCutListPropertyNote
      shortcut or macro for changing individual dimension units?
      Show / Hide Note or Annotation
      Show BoundaryBox for FlatPattern
      Simple API Help
      Simple Macros stopped working
      Simplest way to show a "Please wait" window while a macro is running?
      Simulation data probe macro
      Simulation API - duplicate study
      Simulation API (Frequency Study)
      Sketch defaults to Front Plane (VBA)
      sketch in macro
      sketch picture macro
      sketch picture macro
      Sketch points and model vertex points in a drawing
      Sketch update through API
      Sketch macro
      Sketchpoint creation during active PropertyManagerPage
      Skip Instance in Circular Pattern (API)
      Slice Volume Macro
      Small macro or routine to write out a step file for a single solid?
      Soldiworks API macro
      Solid Works Student and Solid Works Sustainability API?
      Solidwork API for unmanaged C++ code.
      SolidWorks "Addin" - Wait for macro to terminate???
      SolidWorks "Event Listener" VBA Macro
      Solidworks & CATIA API
      SolidWorks 2008 Advanced API: Programming & Product Development
      SolidWorks 2008 API Book - RELEASED
      Solidworks 2010 & PDM Works - Check in Macro (VBA)
      SolidWorks 2013 API changes
      Solidworks 2017 Selection Macro Error
      SolidWorks 3D to Parasolid Macro
      Solidworks Add-in not loading at startup even with both boxes checked
      Solidworks addin vb.net
      SolidWorks Addins & VB.net Applications
      Solidworks Advanced API Tutorials Errors?
      Solidworks Automatic Material Assignment Macro As Free
      solidworks can not initialize vba in Win 10
      SolidWorks Document Manager API
      Solidworks Drawing Change Template Macro | Solidworks Drawing Template Switcher
      Solidworks Explorer getpreview in Excel
      SolidWorks keep on crashing when running macro on large assemblies
      Solidworks Motion API CSV Export
      Solidworks New User Setup Macro
      Solidworks PDM Pro API to access items from the right click menu
      solidworks PDM API examples
      Solidworks Screen Capture
      SolidWorks Shuts-Down unexpectedly when I just want to close the ModelDoc.
      SolidWorks UserForm Macro - Controls from Textbox
      solidworks api
      SolidWorks API - EditReferencePoint
      Solidworks API AddMate3 Concentricity will not create
      solidworks API distanceMotor
      solidworks api Excel sheet to Custom properties
      Solidworks Api Find Reference Macro
      Solidworks API for BOM Reorder
      Solidworks API for System/Options/Tangent Edges
      Solidworks API Help
      SolidWorks API Sample Projects
      SOLIDWORKS API Tips & Tricks: Pass Parameters To VBA Macro
      Solidworks API to Excel VBA
      SolidWorks API Training class in Cleveland on March 30 - April 2
      SolidWorks API Training in Cleveland, OH on June 9-11
      Solidworks api use - How to select reference dimension (assembly file)
      Solidworks api vb.net
      Solidworks api vb.net macro
      solidworks api visual studio C#.NET programming guide
      Solidworks API: Get components in order as they appear in FeatureManager
      SolidWorks API's
      solidworks macro
      Solidworks Macro crashed Solidworks Please help
      Solidworks Macro Development
      Solidworks macro doesn't run from stand alone .exe
      Solidworks macro how to start new blank assembly model and save as new name
      Solidworks macro use - How to select this reference dimension (assembly file)
      SolidWorks Macros Capabilities
      SolidWorks VB.Net - "Listen for Save & Close" Events
      SolidWorks VB.Net "Addin" Listen for Events
      SolidWorks Vb.Net "Listen Events"
      SolidWorks VB.NET Addin Wizard
      solidworks vba
      Solidworks VBA - all variables are empty...
      SolidWorks VBA - check if a "View" exists on a drawing
      SolidWorks VBA "EventListener" Problem
      Solidworks VBA book?
      SolidWorks VBA macro to display the "New SolidWorks Document" dialog
      Solidworks VBA script works in Solidworks but not in EPDM task
      SOLIDWORKS: Bitmask Calculator for Sheetmetal API
      Soliworks API and imported BREP
      Some of my Image buttons are transparent
      Sort BOM VBA Macro issues
      Sort part tree macro
      Sorting BOM using API
      Sorting the last part of a unit vector in Excel VBA
      Specific SolidWorks API Command
      Split part file macro
      Spring Macro
      Stand Alone "VB.Net" Application To Export "Step" File
      Standalone application prevent user to manipulate
      Start DWGEditor from Solidworks VBA?
      Start Solidworks 2013 using macro in Excel
      Start SolidWorks in background and run SW macro for SW file parsed in batch file
      start to learn API
      Start Up Script or Macro
      Start macro when I close file
      Start macro when opening a file
      Starting macro as Solidworks startup when dubbleclicking a file
      Steve Takata PDF export macro question
      Stocksize MACRO
      Store Components into some kind of MacroFeature in Assembly
      Strange Macro problem hiding a row in a Drawing BOM Table
      Structuring Macros in Visual Basic
      Sub-Assembly Incrementing Macro Help
      Suppress EPDM / PDM-Pro Message boxes API
      Suppression of subassy parts gives strange result
      Surface Finish Number with Macro
      Surface Finish Macro
      SW 2010 API Userform Hiding Behind Windows
      SW API - Read-only changed event?
      SW API C# Tutorial - Cannot save macro file.
      SW API Userform error - Invalid qualifier
      SW Macro - How to reference $PRPSHEET info in VB??
      SW Macro can't access un-viewed PDM files?
      SW Macro file (.swp) locked when someone uses it (no write access)
      SW Macro Insert Bends
      SW macro save DXF & edit file in Draftsight
      SW Macro writing for newbies book recommendations?
      SW VBA to VB.NET
      SW2009 Pack&Go timer
      SW-2012 Macro Error,working perfect on SW-2011
      SW2013 & SW2012 on Same Machine-Macros not working properly with 2013
      SWDM-api question seek help
      sweep command api example
      SwEx.MacroFeature - unleash the power of macro features
      swFileSaveAsCoordinateSystem is now obsolete? How to set coordinate system when saving with Macro?
      Switch PDM User by macro
      swModel.EditRebuild3() always returns True even rebuild errors.
      swp corrupted. Won't open. A serious error occurred on open macro file.
      swp file format
      SWTaskAddIn General Script Check in File?
      SwTools - New Macro Toolbar Creator
      TASK - 'Bulk Property Export' macro
      Task not waiting for macro execution?
      Task Scheduler - I am trying to Run a Custom Task. If I run the swp file it works fine, however if convert to .swb file the
      Task Scheduler API
      TaskPane Tutorial, or better yet VB.NET AddIn Example
      Tekla to SolidWorks 1) .SDNF and 2) .IFC ... 1) map file and members not found 2)untrimmed members.....
      Text Alignment in Macro
      The 18th SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge - Fancy Sketch Offset (Programming Challenge)
      The Server Threw an Exception" error during Design Automation
      the SOLIDWORKS macro dialog dropdowns contain only: SW VBA Macros (*.swp)
      The SW Configuration Publisher and SW macros...can it be done?
      This macro no longer works..... can someone please fix it?
      Threaded Bolt VBA Macro?
      TIFF Macro - Help Needed
      Time Management using API Macro
      Tips for better macro performance
      To use or not to use a macro
      Toggle 'Marked For Drawing' Macro
      Toggle off SketchAutomaticRelations
      Transform Coordinate System In Macro
      Transform Model Coordinates to Sketch Coordinates Macro
      Traverse Assembly and Get Pipe Length for Multiple Parts
      Traverse Assembly and Run Different Macros on Different Components
      Traverse Assembly VBA does not show components in the correct order!
      Traversing thru Assembly
      Tricky macro to save pdfs..
      Trigger a macro when a custom property changed
      Trigger macro upon command execution
      Trouble upgrading Solidworks API in VB.Net
      Trouble with Fillets (pt2)
      Troubles with extruded cut in macros
      Trying to add a Macro Menu
      Trying to create a macro to change derived configuration name
      Trying to create a macro to change drawing units to inches 3 decimal places, can someone help
      Trying to return directory of running Macro (.swp file)
      Trying to update template card variables from API
      turn a visual C# project into Macro file?
      Turn off "Flatten to single folder" - Pack and Go API Question
      Turning off the 'View Types'?
      Two incredible macro to try to make copy and paste with SolidWorks!
      Two issues with CommonNotes Macro: run-time error, note formatting
      Unable to output tga file while saving animation using api.
      Unbending macro for imported part!! Is possible?
      understanding the language in Visual Basic from a Solidworks macro
      Unload a macro after use?
      Unload VB macro without closing SW
      Unlock and check in at PDM task
      unsuccessful MultiSelect in VB.Net
      Update Custom Property Tab with VBA in Equations
      Update File Macro
      Update reference entities for plane definition via API
      Update Standard Views" in VBA
      Update Table Macro Help
      Update to Office 2013 has VBA code not working
      Update Weldment profiles in assembly model, Can it be achieved by macro?
      update-able macro based on Excel file input
      Updating Motion elements with a macro / VBA?
      Updating macro to work with SW2018
      Updating VB.NET AddIn on client machines
      Upgraded from 2012 to 2016, need help with macro problem
      Use Excel API from Solidworks VBA
      Use relative file path in macro?
      Use Solidworks placement Dialog with API
      Use API to Check Part/Assembly Fully Defined?
      Use Macro Button to Launch a Library Feature Part using Property Manager
      Use macro to get values from Excel 2016 file
      Use vba in Excel to print Solidworks drawing using Edrawings?
      Use VBA to add "Total" to BOM column
      user form help
      User Form in VBA macros
      Userform auto close
      Userform in Macro and Vista64 Question
      Userform macro, how to add config specific property?
      Using .SelectByID2 to select the faces (VB.NET)
      Using a macro change all pages to have the same CustomPropertyView View #.
      Using a Macro to Change Drawing Fonts
      Using a Macro to connect the dots with a spline
      Using cost API but got an error
      Using Design Tables with VBA Macros
      Using extension.Printout2
      Using GetPreviewBitmap in Excel VBA
      Using IEDMSearch7 in VBA
      Using IEquationMgr in SolidWorks 2014 macro
      Using SW Doc Manager API with VB6
      Using SW API first time
      Using the Display State Specific Material Visual Properties APIs
      Using the InsertFlexFeature Method
      Using the Solidworks API alongside the Document Manager API
      Using vault triggers to run a macro
      Using API to link a drawing view to a office document
      Using API to make a macro to multiply embosses
      Using API with VBA
      Using macro to update drawing rev from excel
      Using VBA to drive design table dimension values and feature states
      Using VBA to export probe data
      Using VBA to Perform a Search in EPDM
      Using VBA with API
      Utility for porting VBA code to VB.Net?
      Variables in Motion VBA
      vb 2010 express dll as macro
      VB 6.0 for SolidWorks 2009 API
      VB macro to use Excel 2013 data in SolidWorks 2013, to create part & insert parts into assembly
      vb,vba-->OK; VB.net-->fail
      vb.net - Delete all appearance from a display state
      VB.net "Imports statement is unnecessary" but Solidworks not runnings
      VB.NET 2008 Notification Problem
      VB.NET Add In - Use One(1) Button for all Document Types to Launch a User Form
      VB.NET AddIn template in Visual Studio 2010
      VB.NET Addin: How to create a single command, not a command group?
      VB.NET AddIn: How to put a bitmap into the PropertyManager?
      VB.NET but which one?
      VB.NET Express Add-in without templates
      vb.net express restrictions
      VB.net macro cannot find .dll during execution
      VB.net macro sometimes fails to start
      Vb.net Modeless dialogs in Solidworks
      VB.NET modeless form not allowing me to interact with Solidworks
      VB.Net Open Doc
      vb.net saveas3 error
      VB.NET set CommandInProgress fails
      vb.net set to an instance of a SW object
      VB.net solidworks interaction
      VB.net v/s C#.net for developing Solidworks Add-In Applications
      VB.Net, how to get the Toolbox copied parts path
      VB6 or VB.net Which is Best for Newbie
      VB6 vs VB.Net
      VBA - .pdf export - black and white (no color) - macro
      VBA - Check if config exsits in model
      VBA - Copy note text from one to another
      VBA - Delete BOM Macro - Question
      VBA - Delete BOM Macro - Question
      VBA - Get component in assembly with broken or out of context references
      VBA - Get names of Subassembly Components in a Drawing
      VBA - Get Sheet Properties Error
      VBA - Is it Possible to Combine PDF's from within a macro?
      VBA - Is it possible to extract Factor of Safety information for Connectors in Simulation
      VBA - Isolate only Toolbox Components in a Model
      VBA - Looking to delete relations left over from broken references
      VBA - Move Component in assembly Tree
      VBA - Open a Web Browser & scroll to Lower Right.
      VBA - Save DXF from Drawing View
      VBA - Set dimension in sketch to be Diameter instead of Radius
      VBA - Setting Custom Property in Stacked Balloon
      VBA - Show All Components
      VBA - Show All Components
      VBA - Stacked Balloons for Toolbox Items
      VBA - Update Custom Property Template
      VBA - API to access change Part Configurations in All Configurations of an assembly
      VBA - Macro Replace Component Function Question
      VBA - Macro wont process sketches of Holes
      VBA & Automation errors
      vba -> vb.net, where I made a mistake ?
      VBA API to determine if file is in EPDM system or regular server
      VBA API: Using EditRebuild3 while Traversing Assembly
      VBA Appearance Editing
      VBA code for "Find References"
      vba code in SW to save general table as .xls file
      VBA Custom Properties & Equations Issue
      VBA doesn't work after installing .net program
      VBA Editor
      VBA engine not loading stopping the solidworks boot?
      VBA EPDM check in help?
      VBA equation; If then or IIF statement in add equation box
      VBA Excel to EPDM Search
      VBA feature tree loop finds extra cutlist items... but why?
      VBA FileSystemObject problem?
      VBA Function to find what revision is one file inside PDM
      vba functions Msgbox and Inputbox functions not working
      VBA get comps by component reference
      VBA Get File Name & Path from Windows Explorer Search Results
      vba get type of dimension from drawing
      VBA GetObject/CreateObject ProNest
      VBA Help
      VBA IF something = True ?
      VBA in equation
      vba in solidworks
      VBA in solidworks with "UserForm"
      VBA Left option in vb.net
      VBA Macro - List "Derived Parts" in an Assembly
      VBA Macro Add missing Custom Properties
      Vba macro code running faster than vb.net nearly 7 times!!?
      VBA Macro for saving SLDPRT of each part from different configuration of same assembly
      VBA macro issue
      VBA Macro Mate References
      VBA Macro Template Location?
      VBA Macro to auto fill-in Toolbox part number from excel file
      VBA Macro to get and save Area MOI
      VBA macro to get the extrusion size
      vba macro to get thickness of a part
      VBA Macro to hide and unhide Toolbox parts
      vba macro to rename files in EPDM vault
      VBA Macro to run studies and generate reports? (SolidWorks Simulation API)
      VBA Macro: Delete BOM table
      VBA Macro: save selected body as STL
      VBA Macro] First selected extrude up to body to second selected body
      VBA modeless form (initialized in macro A) closes when macro A is launched from macro B
      VBA much slower on x64 compared to x86
      VBA Printer Device Capabilities
      VBA references not available on SW take home license??
      VBA Replace Text in Note
      VBA Runtime Error '9', Subscript out of range error
      VBA save dxf to file directory that does not include selected path
      VBA Script to Call Check-In
      VBA select multiple files from file browser
      VBA Sort of Excel Spreadsheet
      VBA to access BOM in PDM?
      VBA to copy properties from part configuration to drawing
      VBA to Create a Pdf File
      VBA to move files with a specific name starting with 10000- to a specific folder in an assembly
      VBA to read attribute from block drawing and write them in summary information tab
      VBA to Save as Problems
      VBA used in SolidWorks: the code has to be updated to use on a 64-bit system.
      VBA vs. VSTA vs. Add-In
      VBA Windows 7 sw 2011 Show.Form hidding behind Solidworks
      Vba, Managing Array : table, database, txt / excel file ?
      VBA: Assembly Part Locator and Zoom (Issue)
      VBA: Objects have no properties inside watch window
      VBA] How to create a file?
      VBA-Does custom property exist
      Version Control for SolidWorks VBA
      Vertical or Horizontal linear dimensions, can the API get this? (drawing).
      View Macro
      Virtual Office Implementation Engineer (Manufacturing-CAD-VB.NET)
      Virtual part input macro
      Visual Studio 2010 VB.Net - Breakpoints
      VSTA 3 macro Listbox for macro entry is empty
      VSTA macro DLLs: is anyone using them in production?
      VSTA Macro Error
      Wait for assembly to load before executing macro feature
      Wait for drawing view rebuild before running macro feature
      Want to learn API
      Watching variables when debugging with VBA or VB6
      Weldment Cutlist Properties Macro
      Weldment cutlist to individual 2D drawings macro
      Weldment Feature Edit Macro Help
      what are the default units in API macros?
      What computer am I using??
      What do I add to a macro to quit if a condition is met?
      What happened to all of the API examples?
      What is soliworks Macro tool ?
      What is the Advantage of Commands in API
      What is the best way to assign different values to numerous custom properties?
      What is the best way to virtual-ize all sub-assemblies inside of my parent assembly?
      What is the fastest way to measure cross-sectional area of a solid body through API?
      What is the memember or method to rename the cut list item in a weldment part file byVBA macro ?
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