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SWPUC - SOLIDWORKS Power User Challenges

Question asked by Alin Vargatu on May 22, 2017
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Note: To all past and present SWPUC winners: if you would like to receive a LinkedIn recommendation stating that you are a Certified SOLIDWORKS Power-User, please use this link to connect: 


Update: 449,000 points have been awarded to date in the first 29 SWPUCs. Let's see who will win the 1,000,000th point.




Articles about various SWPUCs:





Please let SOLIDWORKS know if you want more articles written on SWPUC topics.






I will collect all winning solutions from the SWPUCs in this playlist:




SOLIDWORKS Weekly Power-User Challenge - YouTube




Let's see how many videos we can record before the end of the year.




Links for the WPUC threads:


The 1st Weekly Power-User Challenge: Mate a Pin in a Slot


Winner: John Stoltzfus


Full article:




The 2nd Weekly Power-User Challenge (April 19th, 2017): Get rid of the rounds the fastest way, with no extra features or exports


Winner: Ryan Dark




The 3rd Weekly Power-User Challenge (May 5th, 2017): Bend a square profile in multiple directions and determine its flat pattern


Winners: Dennis Bacon and Ryan Dark


Full article:




The 4th Weekly Power-User Challenge (May 12th, 2017): Unbend a Bent I-Beam


Winner: Erik Bilello


Full article:




The 5th Weekly Power-User Challenge (May 19th, 2017): Straighten an Imported Wire


Winner: Dan Pihlaja


Awarded SOLIDWORKS DEMIGOD status: H.E.W. Rob Edwards


Full article:




The 6th Weekly Power-User Challenge (May 26th, 2017): Apply the Most Elegant Mating Scheme to Emulate Magnetic Attraction


Winners: Dan Pihlaja and Roland Schwarz




The 7th Weekly Power-User Challenge (June 2nd, 2017): Simulate a Volume Mate (Prisoner in Jail)


Winners: Josh Brady and Muhammad Aamer


Special award recognizing brilliance and creativity: Roland Schwarz




The 8th Weekly Power-User Challenge (June 9th, 2017): Reverse Engineering (Surfacing and Direct Editing)


Winners: Roland Schwarz and Mark Biasotti


Special award recognizing brilliance and creativity: David Dinius and Krzysztof Wojcik


Full article:




The 9th Weekly Power-User Challenge: Interface in Your Face - Video Competition (Speed and Precision in manipulating the User Interface)


Winners: Ryan Navarro, Scott Ellery, Alen Topic, Ingvar Magnusson, Daniel Benterman.




The 10th Weekly Power-User Challenge (September 15th, 2017): Measuring Wine Carafe


Winners: Todd Blacksher, Andreas Rhomberg, Scott Stuart, Brandon Graham, Muhammad Aamer, Bill Toft, Michael Fernando, Krzysztof W., Dan Pihlaja, John Stoltzfus, Elmar Klammer


Full article:




The 11th Weekly Power-User Challenge (October 20th, 2017): Flipping Mates - Robot Case Study


Winners: Dan Pihlaja, Daen Hendrickson, Kevin Pymm, Duncan Gillis, Thomas Voetmann, Andreas Rhomberg, Rob Edwards, John Stoltzfus, Ryan Navarro




The 12th Weekly Power-User Challenge (November 3rd, 2017) - Revision of an Imported Body


Winners: Vahid Mostofi, Ingvar Magnusson, Redecos Technologies, Deepak Gupta, cagin gergin, Ryan Navarro, Krzysztof W., Thomas Voetmann, Bill Toft




The 13th SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge - Remove the Slit from the Thin Part (Heal the Part) (November 17th, 2017)


Winners: Vahid Mostofi, Jonan Van Asperen, Erik Bilello




The 14th SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge - How many components can you stuff in an assembly?


Winner: Thomas Voetmann




The 15th SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge - How many bodies can you stuff in a part?


Winner: Henk De Bruijn




The 16th SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge - Unknit a surface


Winner: Josh Brady




The 17th SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge - Round Stock Feature (Programming Challenge)


Winner: Artem Taturevych




The 18th SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge - Fancy Sketch Offset (Programming Challenge)


Winners: Ethan Kinney, Nilesh Patel, Artem Taturevych.




The 19th SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge - Optimize part for Large Assembly


Winners: Jeremiah Feist and Alex Burnett




The 20th SOLIDWORKS Power-User and Programming Challenge - Mirror a Part without Mirroring Embossed Text


Winner (CAD section): Deepak Gupta


Winner (Macro section): Fatih Mehmet Ozcan




The 21st SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge - Model the Most Accurate Barrel Cam


Winner: Josh Brady




The 22nd SOLIDWORKS Power-User and Programming Challenge - Parametric Trim of Multiple Surfaces


Winner: Artem Taturevych


Awarded SOLIDWORKS PROGRAMMER DEMIGOD status: H.E.W. Artem Taturevych




The 23rd SOLIDWORKS Power-User and Programming Challenge - Normalize Ends of Structural Members


Winner: H.E.W.Rob Edwards




Canceled: The 24th SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge






The 25th SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge - Center Vent on Flatten Hole (Cylinder Case Study)


Winners: Heiko Sohnholz and Alex Burnett




The 26th SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge - Model a Moebius Strip as a Solid Body with 2 Faces


Winner: Ingvar Magnusson




The 27th SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge - Separate the Wires 


Winners: Michael LordJustin Pires and Heiko Sohnholz



The 28th SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge - Interface in Your Face, Power-Mating Edition 


Winners: Ryan Navarro, Edwin Pananthanam, Scott Ellery, Vahid Mostofi, Ulrich Hanisch



The 29th SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge: Surface Modeling - Perfect Blending 


Winners: Krzysztof Szpakowski, Heiko Sohnholz and Henk De Bruijn



The 30th SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge - Macro Sweep Feature (Programming Challenge) 


Winner: Artem Taturevych


Awarded SOLIDWORKS Programmer DEMIGOD Status: H.E.W. Artem Taturevych


The 31st SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge - Stop the Madness! (Clean this Dirty Assembly)




The xxth SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge - Minimize the Rebuild Time of this Part




The xxth SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge - Minimize the Opening Time of this Assembly




The xxth SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge - Minimize the Opening Time of this Drawing




The xxth SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge - The Impossible Sheet Metal Challenge