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Help with Computer Specs 2019

Question asked by Dennis Dohogne on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by Christian Chu

I am about to buy a new computer and it is coming out of my pocket so price/performance ratio is driving my decisions.  I would appreciate your help with links, tips, and answers.


There are many threads relating to computer specs, but as fast as technology changes those can be obsolete pretty quickly so I am asking for your help.  I have reviewed the hardware recommendations on the SWX website and read the recent threads in the forum on this subject.


My application is SWX Standard.  I do not need to do any rendering, just modeling of parts and assemblies for mechanisms.

I am looking for a desktop unit only, no monitors.


1. What is the difference between a regular desktop unit and a workstation?

2. CPU:  Speed rules for SWX.  I am looking at i7 rather than Xeon as I believe it is a better $/perf.  Four cores is plenty for my needs, but if a faster processor at a good price has more cores that is okay.

    ==> Can someone share a link comparing the current price vs. performance of the CPU's?

3. GPU:  NVIDIA Quadro cards are the only real choice.  I am surprised to find only high end cards on the NVIDIA website with the lowest price being $899 for a P4000.  They have a solution guide that recommends a P2000 for SWX, but they don't even have a P2000 listed on their site!  I'd like to get the best card for my money at less than $450.

    ==> Can someone share a link comparing the current price vs. performance of the GPU's?

4. RAM:  I'm shooting for 16-32GB, but do not know what type and what difference exists between the different types.

5. Storage:  I am expecting to settle on a solid state drive (SSD) in the range of 750GB-1TB, but am looking for recommendations and advice.

6. Source:  I have been looking at Dell, Newegg, and TigerDirect.  Since a lot of the units they sell do not have Quadro cards I am expecting to buy the GPU separately and adding it into the box.


I recall seeing charts of price vs. performance for CPU's and GPU's, perhaps in CADalyst or in Desktop Engineering, but a quick search before writing this thread did not find them in all the clutter.  I would really appreciate any help/advice you can provide.


Thanks in advance!

- - -Dennis