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    duplicate pdf detector

    Joel Seerey

      I have a vault user who seems to believe that every folder he creates needs to have a copy of every pdf he thinks he needs. this has led to a huge quantity of duplicate files in the vault with no metadata filled in and no way to effectively determine which is the relevant version.


      I have locked the ability to create duplicate filenames but now he just changes the filenames and continues to work in this fashion. Yes we have tried to talk with him about this to no avail. is there any program that works nicely in pdm to compare files and determine if they are true duplicates?

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          Francisco Guzman

          Hi Joel,

          I am not aware of a 3rd party application that would show you duplicates based on file contents in bulk. There is a file compare feature in PDM Pro but that requires manual labor to clean the duplicates. For the core of the problem, I recommend these approaches. 1) provide the user with an "engineering sandbox" folder to where the user can freely store duplicates (the only place allowed) - knowing that the files are going to be purged (destroyed) by administration regularly. or 2) If you have PDM Pro, you can completely remove any and all privileges of "adding/renaming files"; and the only way that the user can create new files, is by using PDM templates. Some organizations have to resort to these measures to maintain/enforce vault consistency and file integrity. These powerful features are there for when administrative action is required - which in that case, "use the force you must..." -Yoda


          Sorry to hear about the management-related situation there, I hope that clears up by the user's own choice, and you won't have to take action.


          Francisco | CSWS-DMA


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            Dan Harlan

            The only thing I can think of is a condition on the initial state that move all pdf files created by that user to another state... Like one he doesn't have permissions for or allows you to filter by and easily delete.


            But, seems to me the solution is a big stick and a shed.