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    Isometric Camera View in Animation

    Jake Uyeda

      Hey everyone,


      Does anyone know how to get the camera into an isometric view?

      So I did the animation wizard to explode my model and it looks fine as it's already in an isometric view...however I want to zoom in at the beginning .


      • Is there a good way to get an isometric view with a sketch?


      • At this beginning here I want to keep the isometric view, but have it more zoomed in:


      • This is how it looks for the final moment of the animation -- I would be ok with this view...the question is how would I get the "key" for the camera view here?



        • Re: Isometric Camera View in Animation
          Deepak Gupta

          You can do it without using the camera. Scroll the motion bar to the start of the animation (after you've set up the animation). Now zoom as needed while keeping the Isometric view. Finally right click on the key for "Orientation and Camera views" and select replace key. This will zoom the model at the start.



          Now if you want model to fit to screen while it is exploding, got to end of the animation, set the desired zoom and add a key over there.