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    Some bugs in Vis 2019 Pro

    Peter Hildebrandt

      - Spheres created in HDR Lightstudio are imported without Names and it is not possible to rename them in Visualize.

        You have to restart Visualize to do so.

      - you have to toggle the Enable-Button off/on after importing textures or maps to make them work

      - the sync option in the Texture-Panel does not only synchronize the different channels in that specific appearance, it also

        synchronize all appearances using this option. Maybe this affects the "Repeat U/V Direction" only.

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          Brian Hillner

          Hi Peter,


          Thanks for posting these bugs you've found here in the Viz Forum. Now that we're part of SOLIDWORKS, they have specific protocols to follow when reporting bugs. This way, both the Visualize R&D and QA teams will be made aware with these proper submissions.


          Please click on the link below, and then sign in with your SOLIDWORKS ID.

          Please be as descriptive as possible with exact steps for us to reproduce.

          Even include sample .SVPJ and/or supporting files for us to accurately reproduce the issue.


          Submit new ER (Enhancement Request) aka Bugs