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TTL L'esprit de l'escalier - getting ready for 2020

Discussion created by Rob Edwards on Dec 16, 2018
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This is the place to put those ideas you had too late for 2019, or any ideas you have during the upcoming year.


Hopefully this will achieve a few things..


  • Allow Collaboration
  • Help Avoid Duplicate Ideas
  • Thrash out details so that idea's are well considered and presented
  • Garner early support
  • When voting starts, a convenient place to find what you want to vote on
  • A Focus Group and year long discussion on enhancements
  • Allow you to work on your idea, well in advance so that when submission time arrives it's polished and ready
  • User's following your idea will get a notification when the time comes
  • You may find that your idea has already been implemented, or alternate workflows


Let's have fun but please keep banter/clutter to a minimum.


I suggest you create a new discussion for your idea and link to it here


(If someone tells me how to do it) I can branch them out if required.


Hope you like this idea.  Please feel free to comment / suggest edits


I have a few ideas of my own I missed, but for now I'll leave this just so...