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    Mates-4 Plate Dust Shield-Issues with Limit Mates

    Jim Moses



      I have a engraver that has 4 plates acting as a dust shield, I want to add the configurations to place the tip from the Home position to the following:



      Here is a list of configurations I want:


      Front-Home-Tip Extended

      Front-Home-Tip Retracted

      Front-Left-Tip Extended

      Front-Left-Tip Retracted

      Front-Middle-Tip Extended

      Front-Middle-Tip Retracted

      Home Position-Tip Extended

      Home Position-Tip Retracted

      Home-Left-Tip Extended

      Home-Left-Tip Retracted

      Home-Middle-Tip Extended

      Home-Middle-Tip Retracted

      Middle-Left-Tip Extended

      Middle-Left-Tip Retracted

      Middle-Home-Tip Extended

      Middle-Home-Tip Retracted

      Middle-Middle-Tip Extended

      Middle-Middle-Tip Retracted


      I have added limited constraints from each plate to the enclosure and to the nose of the engraver, I am not sure if it is SolidWorks being confused or what, but I keep having mates flip either alignment or dimensions and really at my wits ends as this really shouldn't be that difficult as I had it working once in a free state and could drag the tip anywhere I wished.


      Attached are the files and data sheet for the unit, all the mates are present just need to add additional configurations and unsuppress the mates, I have tried reordering the mates and components, and nothing seems to work.


      Let me know if I am asking solidworks to do something beyond its capabilities and fighting myself or if there is a better trick vs laying out the exact position of each plate at each position, I have seen this type of guarding on many things and can't imagine I am the first to attempt to mate it so it behaves like real life.


      Thanks for any insight in advance,


      Files are in solidworks 2016 SP 5.0