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    How to change filename of DriveWorksXpress output files

    Kray Shivers

      Hello All,


      I am new to DriveWorksXpress so bare with my through this question.

      The model i am using to start the data base is named JJ-000-000, this is our specific numbering system for assemblies and that type of name is what the output file should look like. So during my test i created a field in to form call "Item Number" and input the value "XX-001-001". through all of the rules i set up the group of files should have been named the following.







      But what i get is JJ-000-000XX-001-001. with in the filename rules how do i delete the master filename and replace it with the item number as the file name?

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          Mike Loftus

          Hi Kray.

          In answer to your question about deleting the Master Model name out of the file name in DriveWorksXpress, the way to do this is to add "*" to your file name rules.
          I think in your case this would be = "*" & "Item Number"

          In the enclosed images i wanted my file name to be Order Number-Customer, where both values are an input on my form. My Master Model is called Magazine Rack.
          My file name rule is:
          ="*" &OrderNumber & "-" & Customer


          Hope this helps.




          DWXpress Rule.jpg

          DWXpress Form.jpgDWXpress File.jpg