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    SWUGLife / SLUGME T-Shirts

    Todd Blacksher

      Are you living the SWUGLife?

      Did you SLUGME?


      Do you know what either of these sentences mean?


      Our good buddy Kameron Smith designed these fantastic shirts so that we can let everyone know that we are a part of the SOLIDWORKS User Group Community, AND we took part in the SOLIDWORKS Largest User Group Meeting Ever (SLUGME).


      -->Pictures of the shirts at the bottom of the post<--


      Aren’t part of a User Group . . . no problem, find one near you and check ‘em out - SolidWorks User Group Network


      Didn’t participate in SLUGME . . . find out what happened last year - SLUGME17 - YouTube


      Even if you are just a big fan of SOLIDWORKS, this shirt is for you!

      Why you ask?

      We are using the funds raised with these shirts to donate to EKGAR (Every Kid Gets A Robot)

      If you don’t know about Danielle Boyer, you should take a minute to read about the wonderful work that she is doing -

      SOLIDWORKS Women In Engineering Series: Danielle Boyer


      So far we have already raised $238.62 – We are going to present her with a check at SWW19 in Dallas.

      How many of these great shirts will be running around Dallas in February?

      How much can we raise?

      (You have the option to donate more than just the cost of the shirt!)


      Here is the link to get your shirt and make your donations ---> SWUGLife OG Shirt Custom Ink Fundraising

      Do some Cyber Monday Shopping - These would make FANTASTIC presents!


      Hope to see you living the SWUGLife in Dallas in a few months!