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Graphics View Glitch

Question asked by Kevin Pymm on Nov 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by Kevin Pymm

Is anyone else seeing a Graphics view glitch when they mouse over a part or assembly as shown below.



As I move my mouse over the part every edge is selected that the mouse crosses, either showing as hidden or solid thick line. This selection of edges remains if I rotate the part but will disappear if I zoom in or out or rebuild. I can then mouse over the part & nothing is selected, just briefly highlighted as I pass over it as expected. I can rotate the part using the arrow keys or right click rotate option & the selection of edges doesn't happen after when I mouse over part.

So to summerize, this glitch only happens after using the mouse to rotate the part, the more I mouse over the part the more edges are selected. They will remain if I rotate the part either with mouse or any other method until I zoom or rebuild. Then nothing will bring them back until I use the mouse again to rotate part & then mouse over edges.

I've tried different mouse' with the same result & have the latest approved graphics driver.

If anyone has any idea how to sort this, would be much appreciated.