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    Unable to cast SwDMconfiguration into SwDMconfiguration2

    Stephane Bonnet

      Here is my code. I wish to simply loop through all components of my doc for all of his configurations.


      dmDoc = CType(docMgrApp.GetDocument(FilePath, dmDocType, True, dmOpenError), SwDMDocument15)
      dmConfigMgr = dmDoc.ConfigurationManager
      For Each configName As String In configNames
           dmConfig = dmConfigMgr.GetConfigurationByName(configName)
           dmComps = CType(dmConfig, SwDMConfiguration2).GetComponents
           For Each dmComp As SwDMComponent9 In CType(dmComps, Array)
                'Do something


      The line

      dmComps = CType(dmConfig, SwDMConfiguration2).GetComponents

      returns dmComps = Nothing. Upon further inspection, CType(dmConfig, SwDMConfiguration2) raises "InvalidCastException" (which is not caught by a Try Catch...). dmConfig is of type SwDMConfiguration. I have used this type of cast before without any problem. This portion of code actually worked at some point. I have no idea what happened. Any help will be greatly appreciated.