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Bizarre Problem with Linked Custom Property

Discussion created by Jim Sculley on Jan 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by Henk Bruijn De

SW 2015 SP 1.1

Windows 7 x64


In the attached drawing there is a simple note with a portion of the text linked to a custom property.  No views, no model, no sheet format, no title block.  Just a drawing sheet with a note.  Currently the note displays:




where the 'A' comes from a custom property named 'TEST' in the drawing file. If I change the value of the custom property to the upper case letter T, the note refuses to display it. If I cut and paste the note, the problem goes away.  A new note copied from the current note doesn't have the problem.  Two T's?  No problem,  Lower case T? No problem.


The problem manifested itself when a user revised a drawing and our title block didn't display anything for the revision letter.  After some head scratching, I tried changing to a different letter and it appeared.  I made a copy of the drawing, deleted everything and the problem remained.  The original note was actually inside a block on the sheet format, but even after exploding the block and moving the note to the drawing sheet, the problem remained.  I have confirmed that the problem will occur with any drawing made using our document templates, so it isn't even specific to this file.  It just so happens that we have never made it to revision T before so the problem never manifested itself.


This is one of the strangest things I've seen in SolidWorks since I started using it back at version 98 Plus.


Jim S.