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    Changed global variable defined sketch doesn't update second converted sketch

    David Bogdal

      FYI, I'm in SW 2016 sp 4 and do not have access to test other versions.


      In a new Solidworks part, I create a 2D sketch on the front plane of the outline profile of a bottle. All the key dimensions of this shape are made referencing a single global variable (A). Then I create a second sketch on this same plane and use Convert Entities to convert this outline profile. In this sketch I use offset entities to add a wall thickness and add some tangent or fillet sketch lines to smoorth out parts of the design. I then use this second sketch to revolve and create the physical bottle. I create a third sketch and use convert entities to reference the second sketch's offset line, I fill out this sketch (so that it can revolve), and then revolve it. This third sketch revolved gives me the bottle's internal volume.


      I now need to adjust the gobal variable (A) so that the bottle can scale up so that I can increase the internal volume to hit my target volume. My problem is, that when I change global variable (A), the first sketch updates fine, but the second one that references the first (through convert entities) does not update. The error on the second sketch reads:


      Warning: The sketch has not been updated being solving it would result in invalid geometry (such as zero-lenght line). Consider:

      - Deleting the invalid geometry.

      - Changing relations or dimensions to eliminate the invalid geometry.


      How do I debug what's causing this?