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SolidWorksWorld 2019 FYI

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SolidWorksWorld2019 will be in Dallas, Texas. SOLIDWORKS World 2019 - Dassault Systèmes® February 10-13, 2019

For those not familiar with the Dallas area (and even for those that are) I put together this post to provide links for SWW19 related information.


Rachel York has sent me this special document "Know Before You Go" to pass along to everyone.

It is a "Must Read" comprehensive guide of what you need to know to get the most out of SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2019 - Before, during and after.

Copy or print this as your full guide so you always have all the information at your fingertips.

The document "SWW19 Ambassador Briefing Deck FINAL.pdf" is attached at the bottom of this post.


UPDATES: (check back often for new updates):

(I will update it periodically and users can feel free to add to it and I will try to consolidate some of it periodically).

2-4-19 - SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2019 APP NOW AVAILABLE - It’s accessible via this link: SOLIDWORKS World 2019

See Michael Lord's website https://michaellord.me/2019/02/04/solidworks-world-2019-the-app-solidworks-sww19/comment-page-1/#comment-7485 (link on comment #153 of this thread)

2-7-19 - Added iOS App instructions below Android App instructions. Weather update 10pm

2-6-19 - Added Android App Link, added "Your complete guide to SOLIDWORKS World 2019", updated 10 day forecast.

2-5-19 - Added Parking at convention center info & "Know Before You Go" document.

2-4-19 - Added 10 Day Forecast

2-1-19 - updated floor plan link - Added "Solidworks World "Every Day Carry" (EDC) link under "More Links" Section, Added "Be Prepared" section

1-29-19 - Updated link toSWW19 Bacon Brotherhood Under "More Links" section.

1-22-19 - added Beard Brigade @ SWW2019 Under "More Links" section.

1-18-19 - Special Event - Gilley's (Tuesday night), Last days to get SWUGLife T-Shirts.

1-15-19 -Added Dart Go Pass Link & changed section title from "Light Rail to/from airports" to: "Light Rail / Bus service - to/from airports or getting around town:

1-14-19 - Edited time remaining for ordering T Shirts

1-7-19 - added Links to Helping The Next Generation of Engineers - "EKGAR" & SWUGLife/SULGME shirts under"More Links" section.

11th hour escape room (under "things to do"), & added Formatting changes

1-4-19 - Added Mobile App Information,

1-3-19 (in Things to Do in Dallas section) - updated Cad Monkey Dinner links, added game location link, "The SOLIDWORKS Blog" link, Less common things to do...link.

#SWW2019 - SWW2019 on Twitter (save/monitor this link for constant updates before and during the show)


SWW19 SESSIONS are now posted on the SWW19 Website.

Once registered, you will be able to select the classes you want to attend (Hands-On sessions have space limitations).

"Hands-On" sessions filled fast. - all currently show as full and some still have wait-list space available - People change schedules so you still have a chance to get in.


SWW2019 will be in the Kay Bailey Convention Center in the southern end of Downtown Dallas:

Kay Bailey Hutchison – Convention Center : Floor Plans & ERG(New Floor Plan link - old link seems to have been removed)

(OLD Link Floor Plans -- ( - Not working) 2-1-19

I suggest you print out the floor plans to make getting to your classes much faster and easier, When you register and get your event guide book you will see where the sessions are being held (room numbers) - you won't have much time between some sessions so plan your route in advance.

Some classes will likely be in the Omni Hotel and some will be in a wing to the east side of the building that is not really obvious

Arrive early and do a walk around to figure out where things are located. There is a direct connection between the Omni Hotel and the Convention Center.


East wing



Most people who fly in will either arrive at DFW Airport dfwairport.com - maps

or Dallas Love Field:

There are shuttle buses to some hotels or shuttle buses like Super Shuttle that can take you to hotels or the convention center.

dfwairport.com - Public Transit


Light Rail / Bus service - to/from airports or getting around town:

From Love Field there is a shuttle bus to the rail station where you can take the "Orange Line"


From DFW: The Light Rail "Orange Line" goes from Terminal A

DART Light Rail https://www.dart.org/riding/dfwairport.asp

The light rail system is quite inexpensive -


EDIT 10/24: Added link to rail time tables: https://www.dart.org/schedules/schedules.asp

There is an app - Dart Go Pass - Home | GoPass by DART


The "Orange Line" goes from Terminal A at DFW or From the Love Field station, into Down Town Dallas - a few blocks away from the convention center. (I have not been on these lines so you should verify my information or get details at the airports.)

You can transfer from the Orange Line Train to the Blue Line Or Red Line trains to get around different locations in Dallas.

The Blue line has a train that will go directly to the Kay Bailey Convention Center.

To connect from the Orange Line to the Blue line, you would want to change in the "West End" Station.


Places to stay:

SOLIDWORKS World 2019 has contracted rooms at the Aloft Dallas Downtown, Hyatt Regency Dallas, Lorenzo Hotel, Magnolia Hotel, Omni Dallas Hotel, and Westin Dallas Downtown https://registration.experientevent.com/ShowDSS191 all these are .5 mile or less from Convention center, Omni is attached.



Hotels in Dallas near Dallas Convention Center | Save up to 74% | trivago.com


Things to Do in Dallas:

Daniel Herzberg's- CAD Monkey Dinner at SOLIDWORKS World 2019 Edit 1-3-19, added previous link (new)

CAD Monkey Dinner 2019 Tickets, Sat, Feb 9, 2019 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite (Edit: added 12-7-18 - details and ticketing now available) use the CAD Monkey Dinner link for tickets to join in at the Alamo Drahfthouse Cinema

TUESDAY NIGHT SPECIAL EVENT: Gilley's 7-10pm(edit: added 1-18)

We will again be Running/Walking in the mornings for anyone who is interested in some exercise-based bonding.


2019 Things to do in Dallas Update from Amee Meghani:

Your (2nd) Dallas Bucket List for SOLIDWORKS World for 2019


https://www.jfk.org/ The 6th floor Musseum - Dealey Plaza

Reunion Tower Obsrvation Deck / restaurant

SWW2016 Things to do in Dallas information from Amee Meghani


Games - Vintage Bowling Lanes, Pool, & Ping Pong in Dallas | Scout - A few blocks from the convention center (Edit: added 1-3-19)

Less Common Things to do Before or After SOLIDWORKS World 2019 (added 1-3-19)

The SOLIDWORKS Blog - (keep checking for updates)(added 1-3-19)

11th Hour Escape | Dallas Escape Room | Plano11th Hour Escape | Dallas Escape Room (added 1-7-19)


At the Convention:


Keep some snacks in your backpack (especially Sunday (no food served until Sunday evening reception))

SOLIDWORKS World 2019 Mobile App: (Apple iOS and Android devices) (Edit: added app information 1-4-19)

Edit 2-4-19 App now available:

Web Based App:

See post from Michael Lord: https://michaellord.me/2019/02/04/solidworks-world-2019-the-app-solidworks-sww19/comment-page-1/#comment-7485

It’s accessible via this link: SOLIDWORKS World 2019

Android App:

You can download the Event Mobi app for Android here EventMobi - Apps on Google Play . Once downloaded, enter solidworksworld19 as the event code, and then your registrations email and password for the event. This would be instead of saving the webpage link to your android device.

iOS App:

Use the same steps as in the Android App to load the iOS App, except from the Apple store.

Parking / Hotels - to/from Convention Center: (added 2-5-19)

you can pre-purchase parking at the convention center using this site. Parking is $17.50/day. https://space.aceparking.com/site

NOTE: you can not leave and re-enter in the same day without paying extra

Many hotels will either offer shuttle service or can recommend services (See Glenn Schroeders post (#173) in this thread)

When I was in LA in 2017 I found that some hotels will provide free transportation service to some locations (but there did not go to convention center - but you could get dropped close) I have not checked this in Dallas.


General Parking:

Parking on the street is difficult and most if not all spots are metered (so you would have to go back and feed the meter.

I do not have information about parking lots but near the convention center they will be expensive.

If you are staying in outlying areas, the best and easiest way to park would be to find one of the area rail stations. I am not sure about stations in or near the city, but outside the main city the parking at the stations is free and you can take the rail for $5 per day pass (2am cut off time).

More Links:

Helping The Next Generation of Engineers – SolidW... Danielle Boyer – EKGAR

SWUGLife/SLUGME Shirts HURRY - Only 2 Weeks 6 Ordering closed

1 DAYS Left to Order - Still not enough ordered to get them printed - need at least 1 more

(deadline Jan 18th) EVERY dollar raised from selling the t-shirts is being donated to EKGAR!


Be Creative and Design your own SOLIDWORKS World T-Shirt!! – Boxer's SOLIDWORKS Blog Design contest over but you can see the submissions

and the top 3 designs will be available at the show - make your selection at registration (1 T-Shirt per person)

#SWW19 - #BaconBrotherhood is back again! (updated new link 1-29-19)

%23baconbrotherhood - Twitter Search

Continuing the togetherness and warmness of Coffee Clique at SOLIDWORKS World 2018 (will be updated when available)

Beer + Bacon = #SWW18

Beard Brigade @ SWW2019

Dallas Convention Center Calendar

Be Prepared:

Solidworks World newbie

The SOLIDWORKS Blog - (added 1-3-19)

Learn from a SOLIDWORKS Veteran Why you Should Attend SOLIDWORKS World 2019 from the "SOLIDWORKS Blog" (1-3-19)

The SolidWorks World Survival Guide short.pdf (added 12/4/18 - 10 years old but still pertains and a must read)

Solidworks World"EDC" Tips(Every Day Carry) Added 2-1-19

SOLIDWORKS World 2019Some Advice for those of you that are new from Michael Lord Added 2-1-19

Your Complete Guide To SOLIDWORKS World 2019 Courtesy of Trimech...


More information go to the post: SolidWorks World 2019 And see Deepak Gupta's post (#3) in that thread for a sample justification letter to your boss. (change the dates and locations ... as needed for this years dates and location).



Update 2-7-19 10pm

Latest 10 day Forecast predictions (as of 2/7/19 - 10pm):

A note about the rain percentages shown - generally the numbers show more the coverage of areas that will see rain not really the % chance of rain for the entire day. So 70% means that it is likely that 70% of the area will see rain that day - not 70% chance of rain for the entire area. Next Saturday - Wednesday is still a ways away so this could easily change. Be ready for Sun or rain / hot or cool.

Dallas Weather is unpredictable in the winter.

Although the averages are shown below it could be 20 and snowing, or an Ice storm or sunny and 80's (possibly all in the same week).

Watch the forecasts and pack accordingly.(see Steve Calvert's post #32 in this thread)