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Modeling a Globoidal Cam

Question asked by Bryan Weitzenkamp on Oct 15, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2018 by Josh Brady



I work in the automation department of a global company and I was recently called up by one of our maintenance guys (at some distant plant) to see if I could find a supplier for this part:


The part is a globoidal cam. A sort of worm gear that causes the cog with bearings below it to turn 120 degrees when the cam turns 180 above it, then dwell for while the cam turns the other 180 degrees. (or at least I assume, I don't have the part yet).


I did some research and found that the supplier for this part (where we originally got if from) is no longer solvent.


Unfortunately, we need some sort of replacement and that means someone needs to model it so it can be fabricated.


I've tried twice to make this cam and have failed.


On the first attempt, I realized I had two sharp of edges. On the second attempt, I realized that the slot width is actually too narrow to allow the bearing to pass through it. To do a sweep of some kind, I really need to somehow do a sweep cut of a 3D volume rather than a 2D sketch, and I am not aware if that is possible.


Does anyone else have any better suggestions of how to model this part? (or better yet, some place where I can just buy it )