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Leaving Your Mark.........

Discussion created by Dave Bear on Oct 8, 2018
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Hi Folks


Since I can't say that I've ever seen this, I'm going to presume that the answer to this discussion is no. But me being me, I'm going to throw this out there anyway.


Is it at all possible to leave (as the creator) a defining and obvious mark on a part. A mark, that if tampered with or deleted renders the part as useless.

Yes, I know that most, if not all things in SolidWorks can be undone in some way or fashion. But I was wondering if there was something that could be implemented at the top of the feature tree that displays by default (no matter how big or small) and all lower features are thereby dependent on it. Then, if the initial feature (mark) is changed, it'll throw the model into chaos.


Has anyone ever tried playing with anything like this?