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    Testing for convergence - residual value

    William Ching



      I have been using SW Flow for about 3 months for my thesis. I am wondering if there is a way to input residual value like other softwares e.g ANSYS for convergence using for validation.


      It would be appreciated for any input.


      Thank you

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          Sameer Qureshi

          Hi Will,


          You can't input a dimensionless numerical residual, but we can still manually override the convergence tolerance using the convergence criteria value or percentage which is effectively the same thing.


          If you have a study setup you can go to Tools > Flow Simulation > Calculation control options.

          For the particular goal in question you can set the goal criteria to manual and specify a convergence value (with units) or percentage (default is 3% delta).



          The help button will take you to more useful information about the convergence delta criterion values mentioned above so that's the best place to start first!


          I hope that helps.