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    Force attributes to update

    Jamie Wardlaw

      Does anyone know of a way to force attributes to be pushed to files when the associated variable data has not necessarily been changed? This occurs everytime we migrate existing office documents to PDM and it is very very frustrating. For example, is we want to map new attribute data from an existing variable to an existing document it is not possible - unless you edit the existing data, check in, check out, revert the data to what it should have remained then check in again. Surely i'm missing something here, there has to be a way to force existing data, that is to be mapped via attributes, in to existing documents at the next check out event?


      Hopefully someone out there has a solution for this, as the need to do a temporary edit to get the mapped data in to the existing documents is totally ludicrous.

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          Paul Wyndham

          I don't think I really understand what you are trying to accomplish. The PDM variable should not change while a file is not checked out unless they are version free variables. So, usually you would check the file in to get the values on the data card to be put into the variables.


          Checkout usually just gets latest and locks it for only your account.


          You could create dispatch to set variables during check out.



          If that doesn't help maybe try to include some screenshots to better describe your situation.

          Not sure if it will help any but do you have the Office add-in installed?


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              Jamie Wardlaw

              Hello, thanks for the reply.

              I do use the office add-in. The main area i've been having problems is adding mapped attributes to documents that are already in the vault. For example, we have all office documents allocated a serialized document number. Recently, we wanted to have the document number appear on the document headers. So we mapped the document number to a customProperty. But, PDM would never update the customProperty in the affected files because their document number did not change - it seemed as though the mapped attribute data would never be pushed unless the variable data changed across check out-check in. That is quite annoying as our document numbers would of course be read only and should never change. For pre-existing files it means I now have to force a change in the document numbers to get PDM to push the values at the next check in event. It would be good if there was a task add-in that would force all data on the card that is mapped via attributes to customProperties to be pushed to the files regardless of whether or not the card data has been updated.


              I'll try to capture some screenshots of this. I will also see if the dispatch action helps that you reference above.