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    PDM Standard Permissions

    Chris Scougall

      Apologies if this has already been asked and answered.


      I am new to the PDM Universe and have been tasked to set it all up for my company. I set up a workflow and ran a test part and drawing through it last week successfully! Now the drawing file is as a <local file> and the model is as Released to Production. I tried deleting them earlier today just to get them out of the system and I must have changed something. I don't know what I did. As I was trying to delete the files I go a message that I don't have permission to do that Where I believe I should. Any thoughts?  Appreciate the help.

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          Ryan McCarthy

          Hi Chris


          To carry out an action on a file you need permissions to carry out the action in both the folder, and the state the file resides in. "Local" means the file has not been added to the vault and does not have a state. It is only stored locally on your machine and not the server.


          Check out this SOLIDWORKS help file that gives a brief overview on permissions.


          2018 SOLIDWORKS PDM Help - Permissions


          Also, once you delete a file it is moved to the folders Recycle bin, to completely remove it from the server you need to "destroy" the file, which is a separate permission. You can destroy the file by either "shift+delete" with the file selected, or opening the recycle bin, right clicking the file and clicking destroy.


          Successfully setting up and deploying PDM standard is no simple task, and will take a lot of time and questions. I would highly recommend contacting your VAR and arranging to take the "Administering PDM Standard" course, as it will provide some vital information to you on both setting up a PDM system, and administering it.

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            Angelle Erickson

            This blog has a LOT of Solidworks PDM Permission tips that may be able to help you in the future and with your current issue. How to Verify a SOLIDWORKS PDM Permission Issue