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Manage which add ins are active by default

Question asked by Anson Hastings on Aug 22, 2018
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I'm the administrator for the computer labs at a university. We are using non-persistent lab machines where all of the settings are cleared once a user logs out, any changes need to be made on the master image and replicated out to the lab machines. In the two attached screenshots, Add-ins-01.png is what the add-ins on the master image look like, add-ins-02.png is what the add-ins on the clones looks like.


We have a specific set of add ins that we want to have active when the students log in. The problem that is that the list of add ins gets reset to the defaults when a user logs in. This means that the user has to launch Solidworks, update the add in settings, and relaunch Solidworks every single time they log in to the lab.


Is there a way to set the the list Add Ins that will apply for all users?

Or is there a way to capture the settings files/registry that I could then import as a login task when users log in?


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