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    how to easily model npt external threads using Hole Wizard?

    Varun Sharma

      i'm having trouble modeling NPT based threads on my model. I have to design it based on a 1" thread. I dont know how to get it going on solidworks via hole wizard. I've tried but it doesent work.


      I tapered my cylinder to 1.79 degrees and want to use the outside diameter to place the threads. The specs I need to follow are as follows:


      Pipe: 1"

      Threads/in " 11.5

      Pipe Diam: 1.315

      Tap Drill : 1-5/32

      Pitch : 0.08696

      Pitch Diameter @ beginning of thread: 1.213



      as you can see from my picture the bottom cylinder is already tapered to the NPT standard of 1.79 degrees but not sure how I can go from here..any help would be greatly appreciated!!