Igor Fomenko

How to mirror weldment (my experience)

Discussion created by Igor Fomenko on Aug 8, 2018

I nearly finishing one project and want to share the technology of mirroring of weldments (dumn them )

I found only one acceptable way to mirror weldment - mirroring it inside weldment file. Why?

I don`t use assembly mirror feature because of these two problems

Mirror component CSYS is wrong in some cases

mirror part orientation


Mirroring by part mirror feature gives correct result

Mirror part.PNG

but part numbers are incorrect because they link to original ones and there is no way to link cut-list property to cut-list property of original part.

Also there is no way to add suffix or prefix to some (myPartNumber) cut-list property as it possile for file name in case of assembly mirror feature.

Is there any way to add suffix to linked cut-list property?

So, I found only one way - mirroring of weldment inside weldment gives right result

Mirror inside weldment.PNG

So, to mirror weldment I use mirrored configuration "-1" and can use it for mirrored assembly.

At the same time now I can create only one drawing named "Part1.bm1" for part "Part1.bm1" and it`s mirrored configuration "Part1.bm1-1"

File with weldment file is attached.