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    Driveworks and Solidworks PDM Integration

    Eric White



      I apologize if this is a simple question but I can't seem to find the answer.

      We currently have Driveworks Pro 16 producing multiple configurations and designs of several of our standard parts. We are currently in the process of transitioning to Solidworks PDM Pro.

      So this issue is that Driveworks will create and name the folder and sub-folder under a specific project and then create the models correctly into that directory. However, when Driveworks creates the folder and structure then the Folder card variables do not get filled out correctly as they would when it was created using the template in PDM.


      Is there a way to make Driveworks update these variables? Supecifically ours are called "Work Order" and "Customer" I suspect an Add-in in driveworks using the PDM Api to write the variables.


      My coding skills are limited so I'm having a tough time finding an example of this process using VB code. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Eric White

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          Andrew Schutte


          I would almost suspect PDM pro is doing something wrong, assuming your Driveworks Pro was working correctly before PDM. Have you checked with your VAR? It's my understanding that when creating folders in PDM, the functionality should be the same, and it's not dependent on where/how the folder gets created.

          Perhaps your VAR (assuming they are familiar with PDM Pro and DriveWorks Pro could be of assistance in determining what's going wrong?


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              Eric White

              thanks for the response Andrew,

              I'm not sure its doing something wrong or not. Essentially if Driveworks creates the folder its no different then when you manually create a folder in the vault. Folder Card Variable doesn't get populated unless the card is manually filled out. Because its being created by driveworks there is no way to populate these card variables. You would think this would be a simple process but I can find no reference to it anywhere.

              My only thought would be maybe I can tie the folder card variables to actual names of the folder themselves but that doesn't seem like I can make that function correctly either through the folder structure. The cross tie between Driveworks and PDM is very limited. All Driveworks can really do is Check in or out files and folders as well as delete and get latest version. That's it for built in functionality.


              At my particular VAR the PDM team knows very little about Driveworks it seems but we have some additional setup hours from them already paid for so I think I'll just hand them the problem and they can figure out the solution, I just didn't want use them if there was a simple answer.

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                  David Mandl

                  Disclaimer:  I haven't worked at a place with PDM for about three years, so what follows is going to be a little hazy.


                  I think it's possible to have your folder properties set up through Dispatch to look for a specific file in the folder and pull properties from that and apply to the folder.  I think.  It's been 3 years since I actively used PDM and even longer since I last used Dispatch, so take that with a grain of salt.

                  But if you could do that (again, no promises), then you could have DriveWorks create some sort of folder properties file:

                  • Create custom data card for .xml files in PDM, linking data card values to parameters from the .xml.
                  • Add new .xml document to your DriveWorks project, with appropriate rules for the .xml data card in PDM.
                  • [Magical/Theoretical Thing] Configure Dispatch such that if [Folder] contains a file called "FolderProperties.xml", it will copy certain properties from the .xml data card to the folder data card.
                  • DriveWorks project generates a new file: C:\Projects\Project 12345\FolderProperties.xml
                  • Upon checking in the .xml file, Dispatch applies properties to the folder card
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                      David Mandl

                      If I'm wrong on this (at least 65% chance that I am), then I'm afraid you're likely stuck in a situation where you'd need a plugin written for DW to create some sort of "Add PDM Folder with Custom Properties" task in DW that you could include before your "Release Models" or "Release Documents" task in your Spec Flow.


                      How exactly that task would need to interact with the SW PDM API, I couldn't tell you.  (Maybe start here?)  You could probably fill the Grand Canyon with the things I don't know about the PDM API (or DW API, for that matter).  But most VARs have a guy who knows something about that sort of thing.  If not, they all know a guy who does.

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                        Eric White



                        I contacted my VAR and that's essentially the same answer they gave me. I think its a joke that this simple functionality has to have a multi step process to get to work but it will work. thanks for the response.