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    Extrude surface along curve

    Cristian Hrece

      I'm pretty new here, used Solidworks for about 7-8 months. Now, I need to draw something that is beyond my knowledge so I decided to ask SW Forum.

      Umm...  I need get a piece like in Foto1 (only that orange-colored). I have the full extrusion (1400) but i need to make it decreasing it's dimension from 1400 to 200.

      I have the flatten surface too (as Sketch4).

      Any help with this problem?
      Thank you in advance!

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          Søren Stærk

          Heres my take on it - had to use boundary surface and thicken, because normal features loft, boundary for solids didnt work well.

          I guess its due to the complexity of the curve - which it have fixed, as i was not a whole chain (RMB select chain, and fix with tangent-spline)

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              Søren Stærk

              I am affraid i do not have SW2016, unfortunately.
              But i can show you what i did.


              I used the inner curve from sketch 2 - here i used the RMB - select chain to see if the curve was one chain, then fixed the gaps by deleting a small segment (small line) and insert a spline from point to point - then adding tangent in both ends



              Added plane ad then end of curve by selecting line and point - these two planes i used to sketch lines (one with 200 height and another 1400.

              Boundary surface, the thicken outward