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    tortoise svn use with solidworks pcb

    Daniel Bartlett

      I want to use the SVN functionality built into PCB for other files and programs.  Has anyone setup TortoiseSVN to do this?  I do not want to have separate servers/services running.



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          Russell Lewandowski

          I have, works great.  I have my primary SVN server running on linux/apache using https protocol as well as a backup SVN server that uses svnsync to maintain a separate instance/location in case the primary fails.  It was easier for me to use my existing infrastructure than the build-in SVN server that comes with PCB Services.  Just configure the SVN server on PCB Services and it will be available in the Open Project dialog box in SWPCB.  I did create a separate repo for just solidworks and pointed PCB Services to the root of the repo.  SWPCB creates folders under the configured location in the repo for each project.


          I have also created an MCAD folder in the project and stuck all my Solidworks MCAD stuff in it.  You can use ToirtoiseSVN to direct access this folder and maintain your Solidworks MCAD stuff.  Just seems convenient to store MCAD-ECAD all in the same repo.


          Note that there is a 'Commit Whole Project' and 'Update Whole Project' when you right-click on the Project root under version control.  Seems like these should be on the ribbon instead of buried in a menu.

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            Evan Stanek

            Hi, can you go into more detail on the purpose/usefulness of this?  I've heard the "tortoise SVN" idea thrown around by other PCB users, what is the application and how is this setup useful?  Just wondering for my own knowledge bank, Thanks!