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      • 105. Re: SolidWorks proceedings - really?
        Rick McDonald

        Funny that you posted this today, Last Thursday I realized that I had not done all my yearly downloads and realized that in fact I had only downloaded about 10 of the proceedings and was worried that they might be gone.

        I used my old link and I was happy to see that the proceedings are still there for SWW2018. I also found the proceedings for 2017 are also still there. I finished downloading all the Presentation power point presentations last week and am almost finished downloading the video's ( I do this yearly).

        I was going to find this thread and post to it that the SWW2018 Proceedings were still available (after I finished downloading what I wanted).


        Try this link for 2018 (you will have to create an account if you have not already done this and you will have to login -   https://solidworksworld.lanyonevents.com/2018/connect/search.ww

        The same is true for SWW2017 proceedings - must have a different login name and password for 2017.

        try using the above link but change the 2018 to 2017 and see if it works for last years (2017)

        • 106. Re: SolidWorks proceedings - really?
          Rick McDonald

          Forgot to add to my last post, all the proceedings prior to 2017 are no longer available online.

          I was surprised to see that the 2017 site was still there now - Rachel York must have convinced some people to leave them up for a while - Hope they stay up for several years.

          It would be nice if they could restore the old ones that are no longer posted.

          I suggest you download what you want (or whatever you think you would possibly want in the future) in case they go away.at some time.

          I have most from 2010 to now (but missing some individual files) But it takes a lot of space to store those.

          The newer videos are also higher quality / resolution and much bigger in size - most are about 1 gig in size - some over 2 gig.

          The old ones from years ago were closer to 200 meg.

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