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    Sketch colour in drawing

    Tim Warris

      I have a drawing view in which a sketch is visible. I need to change the colour of the sketch so it will export to a DWG file in that colour.

      The sketch is complex and contains many lines and the part is being generated using DriveWorks, one of several hundred variations.

      Any suggestions on how to change the line colour of a visible sketch in a drawing?

      I did a search but all I could find were questions about this that I have posted in the past (without much luck). Thought I would try one more time.

      I'm beyond desperate to find a way to do this and find it hard to believe that what would seem simple, seems impossible.
        • Sketch colour in drawing
          Charles Culp
          I just want to make sure you are using your terminology, because what you asked for is simple. You said a Drawing View has a sketch in it. That is not model geometry, but a 2D sketch in a drawing.

          I have attached a small video showing how to do exactly what you asked for.

          Let me know if you were really after something else...
          • Sketch colour in drawing
            Tim Warris

            Thanks for the help.

            I should have been clearer though, the sketch is on the part and is visible, it was not created in the drawing environment. When I select the sketch in the drawing environment the line format colour option is greyed out.
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                Matt Lombard
                make sure the Color Display Mode button on the Line Format toolbar is not active.

                Line Color is not active if you select the sketch from the FeatureManager, but if you select it from the graphics window, it works. You can use Select Chain and other RMB options to select stuff, and use the Line Color tool on the Line Format toolbar.

                Interestingly, changing the color of the sketch inside the part does not effect the color of the sketch in the drawing.

              • Sketch colour in drawing
                Tim Warris

                I have been playing with what you suggested but can not get any of the lines in the sketch to change colour. I am selecting the lines of the sketch in the graphics window, not the FeatureManager.

                I tried changing the colour of the sketch in the part as well, same result, no change in the sketch.

                Is it that unusual to require various colours in a drawing?

                Seems like such a fight to so something simple....
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                  Kyle Craig

                  if you’re part’s sketch colors aren’t showing in a drawing view, check this box in the drawing's document properties - Detailing.  That was bothering me for a while!


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                    Ryan Fall

                    This is how you change the color of your sketch.  Nevertheless, it will only be saved in white when you save it in DXF/DWG as much as I know. I hope I understood your question.


                    on the side:

                    I use this technique when I need to work on multiple layers so I wouldn't mix them up.  I usually don't use SolidWorks for generating 2D sketches so I could generate DXF from it. As much as I love this software but, this is not designed ideally for such tasks. I'd use a different probably free of charge software for that.