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    EPDM execute a button on a Folder-Card

    Lukas Bernhardt

      Hello at all,


      i am looking for a way to fire a button on a Folder Card which starts an add-in an get the values from an SQL-Database.



      With the following code I can already get the command button but not execute it. Is there a way with vba to do this ??


      Option Explicit


      Dim vault As EdmVault5
      Dim Folder As IEdmFolder5
      Dim card As IEdmCard5
      Dim card_control As IEdmCardControl6
      Dim pos As IEdmPos5
      Dim i As Integer
      Dim button_fire As String


      'Get Validation
      Dim var_type As EdmVariableType
      Dim min As Integer
      Dim max As Integer


      Sub main()


      Set vault = CreateObject("ConisioLib.EdmVault.1")
      vault.LoginAuto "KELLER-PDM", 0


      Set Folder = vault.BrowseForFolder(0, "Wähle deinen Ordner")
      Set card = Folder.GetCard(".")

      Set pos = card.GetFirstControlPosition


      Do While pos.IsNull = False
      Set card_control = card.GetNextControl(pos)


          If card_control.ControlType = EdmCardControlType.EdmCtrl_Button Then
              button_fire = card_control.GetButtonCommand(1)
              var_type = card_control.GetValidation(min, max)      
          End If




      End Sub