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    MBD Sheet Metal - Problems

    Mark Armstrong

      Hi All,


      So I'm still testing MBD...


      I'm trying to get sheet metal parts to work right but I'm having major issues.  My 3D view keeps loosing the unfolded view and reverting to the folder view and it throws all of my created dimensions away!


      Am I doing this right? How do people go about getting flat patterns to work for MBD?


      I have attached my file that I'm testing this on:


      I have two configs:


      • default - folded part
      • Unfolded - Flat Pattern









      The same problem happens in the attached case study tutorial file.


      You change or add a dimension to the folded configuration and go back to the folded configuration and you have to manually unfold the part again.


      I've got to be looking at this the wrong way....