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    2018 online deactivation via mysolidworks portal?

    Paul Cross

      I have been told that SW-2018 can be deactivated through mysolidworks.com portal.  How do I access this feature?

      (I hate to run the risk of leaving forgetting to deactivate the office seat before I leave for home!)

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          Jeff Niederman

          Hi Paul,

          The online deactivation you mention is the 2018 online licensing feature.  It's an opt-in feature.

          The place to opt in is the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal.  From MySolidWorks, you should see a link for Admin Portal under you login name at the top of the page.

          The availability of the Admin Portal link has been phased in, but most US customers should see it as of this month.

          If you are the Admin for your account, you can enter and opt into online licensing.  The "About Admin Portal" link on the top right will take you a Help topic which explains online licensing and Admin Portal in more detail.



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              Whit Elliott

              We're just now updating to 2018 from 2017, mostly for this feature since several of us travel quite a bit, and have forgotten to deactivate more than a couple times.


              My questions are...


              1) Can each of us, 5 total in 4 locations, be Admins? Or is it just one per organization?

              2) And does "I accept responsibility for managing SOLIDWORKS product license assignments for my organization." simply mean others will call me when they forget to log out/deactivate instead of our VAR?



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                  Ryan Dark

                  Hi Whit,

                  To answer your questions:

                  1. You can have any number of Admins in your organization.  You just could not have zero.  So, all 5 of you can be Admins if you wish to give everyone that functionality.
                  2. If you are using Online Licensing then there are no licenses permanently attached to machines.  The license moves to wherever the user takes it.  Being an Admin just lets you assign which user has which serial number.  If an Online License is checked out for offline use a VAR would need to be contacted to undo that if the machine itself cannot return the license.  If you happen to keep any licenses on Activation Licensing a VAR will still have to be contacted to remove licenses from machines.  So, a VAR is still involved in some ways.