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    How to use API to delete and rename command tab box from vb template?

    Chiao Yang Chang

      I change the Title and Tooltip in the solidworks vb template.

      Then I get a new command tab box. (see Fig1)

      How could I delete original command tab box in this template?

      If I just want to rename the command tab box, how could I do?


      【vb template code】


      #Region "UI Methods"
          Public Sub AddCommandMgr()

              Dim cmdGroup As ICommandGroup

              If iBmp Is Nothing Then
                  iBmp = New BitmapHandler()
              End If

              Dim thisAssembly As Assembly

              Dim cmdIndex0 As Integer, cmdIndex1 As Integer
              Dim Title As String = "VB New Addin"
              Dim ToolTip As String = "VB New Addin"

              Dim docTypes() As Integer = {swDocumentTypes_e.swDocASSEMBLY, _
                                             swDocumentTypes_e.swDocDRAWING, _

              thisAssembly = System.Reflection.Assembly.GetAssembly(Me.GetType())

              Dim cmdGroupErr As Integer = 0
              Dim ignorePrevious As Boolean = False

              Dim registryIDs As Object = Nothing
              Dim getDataResult As Boolean = iCmdMgr.GetGroupDataFromRegistry(mainCmdGroupID, registryIDs)

              Dim knownIDs As Integer() = New Integer(1) {mainItemID1, mainItemID2}

              If getDataResult Then
                  If Not CompareIDs(registryIDs, knownIDs) Then           'if the IDs don't match, reset the commandGroup
                      ignorePrevious = True
                  End If
              End If

              cmdGroup = iCmdMgr.CreateCommandGroup2(mainCmdGroupID, Title, ToolTip, "", -1, ignorePrevious, cmdGroupErr)
              If cmdGroup Is Nothing Or thisAssembly Is Nothing Then
                  Throw New NullReferenceException()
              End If


              cmdGroup.LargeIconList = iBmp.CreateFileFromResourceBitmap("SwVBAddin4.ToolbarLarge.bmp", thisAssembly)
              cmdGroup.SmallIconList = iBmp.CreateFileFromResourceBitmap("SwVBAddin4.ToolbarSmall.bmp", thisAssembly)
              cmdGroup.LargeMainIcon = iBmp.CreateFileFromResourceBitmap("SwVBAddin4.MainIconLarge.bmp", thisAssembly)
              cmdGroup.SmallMainIcon = iBmp.CreateFileFromResourceBitmap("SwVBAddin4.MainIconSmall.bmp", thisAssembly)

              Dim menuToolbarOption As Integer = swCommandItemType_e.swMenuItem Or swCommandItemType_e.swToolbarItem

              cmdIndex0 = cmdGroup.AddCommandItem2("CreateCube", -1, "Create a cube", "Create cube", 0, "CreateCube", "", mainItemID1, menuToolbarOption)
              cmdIndex1 = cmdGroup.AddCommandItem2("Show PMP", -1, "Display sample property manager", "Show PMP", 2, "ShowPMP", "PMPEnable", mainItemID2, menuToolbarOption)

              cmdGroup.HasToolbar = True
              cmdGroup.HasMenu = True

              Dim flyGroup As FlyoutGroup
              flyGroup = iCmdMgr.CreateFlyoutGroup(flyoutGroupID, "Dynamic Flyout", "Flyout Tooltip", "Flyout Hint", _
                    cmdGroup.SmallMainIcon, cmdGroup.LargeMainIcon, cmdGroup.SmallIconList, cmdGroup.LargeIconList, "FlyoutCallback", "FlyoutEnable")

              flyGroup.AddCommandItem("FlyoutCommand 1", "test", 0, "FlyoutCommandItem1", "FlyoutEnableCommandItem1")

              flyGroup.FlyoutType = swCommandFlyoutStyle_e.swCommandFlyoutStyle_Simple

              For Each docType As Integer In docTypes
                  Dim cmdTab As ICommandTab = iCmdMgr.GetCommandTab(docType, Title)
                  Dim bResult As Boolean

                  If Not cmdTab Is Nothing And Not getDataResult Or ignorePrevious Then 'if tab exists, but we have ignored the registry info, re-create the tab.  Otherwise the ids won't matchup and the tab will be blank
                      Dim res As Boolean = iCmdMgr.RemoveCommandTab(cmdTab)
                      cmdTab = Nothing
                  End If

                  If cmdTab Is Nothing Then
                      cmdTab = iCmdMgr.AddCommandTab(docType, Title)

                      Dim cmdBox As CommandTabBox = cmdTab.AddCommandTabBox

                      Dim cmdIDs(3) As Integer
                      Dim TextType(3) As Integer

                      cmdIDs(0) = cmdGroup.CommandID(cmdIndex0)
                      TextType(0) = swCommandTabButtonTextDisplay_e.swCommandTabButton_TextHorizontal

                      cmdIDs(1) = cmdGroup.CommandID(cmdIndex1)
                      TextType(1) = swCommandTabButtonTextDisplay_e.swCommandTabButton_TextHorizontal

                      cmdIDs(2) = cmdGroup.ToolbarId
                      TextType(2) = swCommandTabButtonTextDisplay_e.swCommandTabButton_TextHorizontal

                      bResult = cmdBox.AddCommands(cmdIDs, TextType)

                      Dim cmdBox1 As CommandTabBox = cmdTab.AddCommandTabBox()
                      ReDim cmdIDs(1)
                      ReDim TextType(1)

                      cmdIDs(0) = flyGroup.CmdID
                      TextType(0) = swCommandTabButtonTextDisplay_e.swCommandTabButton_TextBelow

                      bResult = cmdBox1.AddCommands(cmdIDs, TextType)

                      cmdTab.AddSeparator(cmdBox1, cmdIDs(0))

                  End If

              thisAssembly = Nothing

          End Sub