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Image from SolidWorks file?

Question asked by Checkcheck Master on Mar 12, 2018
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Hi there,


I've build a kind off explorer for SW files as an add in with a ribbon above where I display the pictures of the SW documents, see picture.

The question I've got is regarding how to get the pictures from the SW documents, is there a better method available as what I use now?


For now I fill a DataGridView with the SW files from a certain folder and collect a BitMap for each file.

It's a piece of code in C# called 'WindowsThumbnailProvider ' which I put in a DLL and is called in the VB net code with a given path name.

It's works fine, the quality of the images is enough, however when the amount of files increases it will became slower, it takes more time to collect the images.

What I am looking for is a method which reach the performance from the 'open document' window inside SW.

For example, when 'Extra Large Icons' is selected in the 'open document' window, the images from the files appear quite fast and smoothly, you can scroll trough them easily etc., how do they do that?