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    Cannot create solid after importing OBJ file

    Hui Leng Choo

      Hi all, I have created an OBJ file from MATLAB containing a Schwarz Diamond unit cell. I imported it to SW using ScanTo3D, ran Mesh Prep Wizard and Surface Wizard (Automatic creation - removed surface errors). The final result is as attached.


      My question now is, what next? I tried to thicken into solid, but wouldn't work. I would like to solidify the unit cell so that all the struts are fully solid. A side question, the mesh only shows when I select it, but otherwise it disappears. How do I make it display permanently?


      Any help would be highly appreciated!




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          Nick Middleton

          Hi Choo,


          I have had your exact same problem or something very close. firstly one thing I remember is when you finish the processing, the whole mesh disappears for some reason. this is easily fixed by simply clicking on the eye icon to hide and then click again to unhide.


          as for making the mesh into a successful surface..... this can be a very long process. I have found using mesh mixer can be pretty handy. you can clean up your model before importing.


          there is also a slider bar in the surface wizard allowing you to increase or decrease the detail. experiment with this to see if it helps. Sadly the model can become useless after processing but pre processing before import can be a lifesaver.


          Mesh mixer is freely available and reasonably straight forward to use.


          maybe not much help but hopefully gives you a bit of direction...