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    Can PDM workflow handle configurations in a 3D model?

    Pdm Admin

      Hi all,


      I have a problem where I did not find the answer yet.


      For example: I have a 3D model where I fill in the 'Description' as variable at the datacard.

      This variable is a 'text not equal to' condition (Description can not be empty in my case) in the workflow.

      So, when I did not fill in anything at the Description, the file can not be set to the new state.

      This works fine for 3D files with 1 configuration.


      But when that same file has 2 configurations, and one of that configurations has no Description fill in, it is possible yet to set the file to his new state.

      Because I have one configuration where I fill in the Description.


      My question is: Is this a normal way how PDM works? Can PDM handle configurations in 3D files?

      In my opinion it is strange that one of the configurations has an empty Description field, but it's possible to set the file to a new state.

      Apparently PDM looks to one configuration, and if one of the configurations meets the conditions, the file is set to a new state.

      Can anyone tell me more about it?


      It is difficult to explain but we use some files with configurations, where some configurations has specific conditions, and other configurations did not. Dependent of the conditions, it decides of a file can set to a new state or not.



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          Steve Ostrovsky

          PDM can certainly handle configurations for Data Card variables (just don't ask about Configuration specific Revisions). If you set Conditions for no empty values in fields, then you have to make sure there are no empty values for all documents and variables specified. You can, however, define the Condition to just look in certain Configurations - see screen shot below.


          Also, if you're unsure how Data Cards and configuration entry are supposed to work, I'd recommend this quick video: Three Minute Thursday: What's With Th@t Tab?


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              Pdm Admin

              Thanks for the answer.

              In our company, we do not use the @ tab in PDM.

              And maybe the Description example was not a good one. Because this fields are always filled in.


              Some files has an 'Ex' checkbox. That will mean that the files needs to a special 'Ex' part of the workflow.

              That files can have configurations were the one is 'Ex' and the other not.

              My experience is that it looks like that PDM choose random which workflow the file goes.

              When one of the configurations is checked as Ex, it needs through the Ex workflow.

              But a lot of times the files goes trough the 'normal' workflow.


              Maybe we need to split the configurations in Ex and no-Ex files.