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    PDM Convert to 3D PDF template issue

    Elisabeth Daley

      I'm trying to use the new 3D pdf - MBD format in the PDM Convert task, and it's successfully creating a 3D pdf, but it's not using the template I specify (or any template at all).  I started trying to get it to use our custom templates, then backtracked to the default ones - neither works.  I've tried putting them in the vault (cached on the computer running the task) and also on the local computer running the task.  I did modify the script per the instructions here to enable the 3D pdf generation.


      The path I entered for the default part template is this: C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS\data\themes\simple part (a4, landscape)\

      Should I be pointing directly to the theme.xml file (I tried that too), or something else?