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    Is PDM Enterprise Worth the Buck?

    Adrian Velazquez
      I'm the SW Lead User/Admin. in our company, and finding myself limited with Workgroup. Before I start suggesting the product to upper management I would like some feedback form current users. So please any comments are welcome specially if can compare it to Workgroup. How much is it, by the way? Are there options for different pricing?
        • Is PDM Enterprise Worth the Buck?
          Mike Adam
          Hello Adrian
          There is big difference between PDMWorkgroup and PDM Enterprise, first of all I would like to say that PDM Enterprise is more scalable
          and its built on SQL Server. that means your database will be more safe, secure and centralized and you can specify permissions to each user to accerss that data.
          and I would like to refer to the replication feature in PDM Enterprise, it is very useful for Multi-Sites Companies.
          And the most powerful thing in PDM Enterprise is the WORKFLOW it gives you automated approval process

          please find the attached file to see the difference between the PDMWorkgroup and PDM Enterprise

          Hope that helps.