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PDM Add-In for Basic VBA-Type Functions/Tasks

Question asked by Brian Poelman on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by Ulf Stockburger

Our company is implementing SW PDM Pro/EPDM. I'm trying to mimic our current informal workflow which at times requires files to be moved or renamed. My original plan was to tackle this using API as I've used SW VBA excessively in the past; however I now see that the PDM API requires VB.Net and is a far step more complex than just writing a quick VBA script. In the future I plan to learn this but for now, I'm wondering if there is any PDM Add-in out there that allows me to create tasks which run basic VBA or VB.Net scripts. I just want to do things like move or rename files. Stuff that I can do with VBA no problem, if I just had some "host" program to run the code. I realize the SWTaskAddIn essentially allows you to do this by passing the VBA script to SW to run, but this seems clunky as I don't need SW and I don't want to always wait for SW to startup just to run a few lines of code and then shutdown.


Currently I'm hacking my way through it with Dispatch but it just seems inefficient and restrictive for something that would be so easy with a VBA-type interface.


I hope that all made sense. I've also posted this in the API forum, not sure where is best.