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    Mass Properties value issue

    Nathan Wilcox

      I have Weldments modeled using Structural Members. I have the materials assigned in the <As Welded> configuration. When I do a Mass properties of the assembly that has the Weldments in them, the materials are not being recognized and I am not getting an accurate Mass Properties value.


      What step am I missing? This is being done in Solidworks 2017



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          David Matula

          In the assembly click on just the skid part and make sure that your not getting the same mass as the part. 

          #2  I updated my start part mass to be that of steel so that I would never have to worry about adding material and the weights that I tested back in that day where what I considered acceptable when compared to actual parts and assemblies.  The problem with some parts that I have found is that they are hard to model correctly and accurately for mass.  That is why I kind of like the override mass properties.  make sure that any other parts are set correctly and if your going to add material to one configuration add it to all of them.