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How Was This Add-in Made?

Question asked by Brian Smith on Jan 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by Jacob Corder

I have been writing macros for a while now and I have brain storming an add-in for quite some time but I am unable to get over one major issue... I don't even know where to begin creating what I will call "new visual objects" in SolidWorks, if it is even possible.


I look at this add-in found on SolidWorks' website and I am baffled at how they did it.


Arrow added by me. So I get that L21-1, L31-1, L12-1, Raytrace_1, and Raytrace_2 are likely all macro features. The white lines can very well be a complicated 3D sketch, but my assumption is that they are not and they are some kind of new object created by the developer. So assuming that is true, how did they do it?


The first thing I would like to do is create a select-able dot that's color can be controlled that does not look like a sketch point (which looks like a eight sided star).


Is this even possible? Any reference documentation or general direction would be appreciated.