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How to draw a secondary operation drawing on SolidWorks?

Question asked by Shuhei Kazuma on Jan 28, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by Jeremiah Feist

Hi experts,


I need your help drawing a secondary operation drawing. I am relatively new to making a drawing on SolidWorks.


We have a vendor who machines a piece of aluminum block into a shape that we design... (Drawing A)

We have a secondary vendor who machines the (A) into more details.. (Drawing B)


Drawing A is a complex design, so we make a lot of A first into stock. Drawing B instructs the secondary machining vendor to machine the block for further modification. The secondary operation is usually a very simple change but very necessary.


Traditionally we have made drawings (for B) by doing the following:


1) Put the top view of the A

2) Overlay the top view of the B on top of the top view A

3) The difference is cross-hatched to tell the secondary operation vendor that is where to be machined.

4) repeat for side/bottom view


This has been done until now because we have been using a different CAD software (but much older) the software let us do that. But now with SolidWorks, I am stuck as to how to do it.


It would be nice by posing this thread to the community, I can know the following:


1) Is there a industry standard secondary operation drawing format? If so, can SolidWorks let us do it easily?

2) Is it possible to overlay one view from a part with another view from another part? And cross-hatch the difference?

3) Is our way totally out-dated? Is there a better SolidWorky way of achieving this?


Thank you in advance,



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