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    Problem with Indent tool

    Tyler D.

      I'm trying to use the Indent tool to make a cavity on a plastic enclosure that a separate part will 'nest' into and be screwed on.  (Through holes have been removed from both the target body and the tool when trying to perform the indent).


      When using this shape as the tool body region, everything works as intended.  (The plastic is formed around the elliptical face).


      indent tool works.png

      However, once I round off the end face to make it smoother without sharp corners, as per pic below, it fails to perform the indent.  It says to try reducing the thickness but this does not solve the problem.

      indent tool doesn't work.png


      Any insight as to why?  Or ways to make this work as intended?




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          Rob Edwards

          Hi Tyler

          If you could upload your part someone might be able to identify the specific problem.

          Without it I can only offer two alternate approaches

          • Combine/Subtract
          • Cut With Surface


          In both cases you may have to do some additional work ie a CopyBody (with Delete Face for Surface cut)

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            Tyler D.

            I think it's some peculiar "singularity" if we can call it that, that Rob Edwards, Dennis Bacon, and myself found 3 different ways around.  I'll summarize below. 


            Rob's method:

            When he recreated the end rounds, the cutting arc was wider than the lanyard body, so no tangent conditions to the edge.  If I do that on my files, it also works.


            Dennis' method:

            Adding the fillet is maybe making every edge have a tangent condition(?) where before they didn't.


            Then I noticed this:

            If I create the end rounds by a fillet, if I go small radius or big radius, I get the close to the shape I want and indent works:


            screen cap 1.png

            screen cap 2.png


            If I bring the radius just about to the full round condition but there's a tiny flat, indent works and is essentially the shape I want:

            screen cap 3.png

            If I go past this, I get into an almost ball-end shape.  Not what I want but at least indent works properly (see cross section - uniform thickness):

            screen cap 4.png

            But if I bump the fillet radius from 5.5 mm to 5.6 mm, the tool shape looks the same ball-end shape, however look at the cross section - no longer a uniform thickness.  Some weird glitch when these 3 surfaces collide I guess.  Now in this case, indent still technically worked, but it's behaving oddly.

            screen cap 5.png