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    Scale predefined view on template to fit certain area on sheet

    Nick Tzallas

      I am not sure if this is technically in the right place but here goes


      Same old problem


      So, some context:

      I have abandoned the idea of using the toolbox, for the various reasons discussed in many forum posts and decided to create my own library of standard parts (o-rings fasteners etc).

      The workflow I am trying to automate is:

      Master model file> Generate config > Populate Custom properties > break out into individual model > place into drawing template


      The most (semi/Clunky) automated way I can think of and limited by my lack of macro knowlwedge is Master model + Design Table  > Break out configs (Via #task) >Generate drawings (via #task) > Purge unused configs (via macro found on this forum, one file at a time, any tips to apply this to a folder of files woul dbe a godsend btw).


      It is, as you might imagine and probably know from experience, a bit of a nightmare, but if anyone has a better idea please let me know and I'll start a different thread in the right location (I have searched the forum and nothing seems to be possible without serious API/Macro knowledge, of which I don't have)





      Now, the functionality basically works, although there is ALOT of manual work required after the fact, but my drawing template has a predefined vew.

      The model is placed in the predefined view all fine and dandy, but because the view has a fixed scale, certain smaller sized parts appear tiny. (see Below)



      Is ther a way, to make the predefined view in the template auto-scale the view to a certain size/area of the sheet, without having to go in and manually scale each view on each drawing (of which I will have literally a few thousands)? i.e keep scaling the view until it fits into a certain area/box ? (ideally within SW UI not MACRO/API)

      I assume because We do not use a server/vault that SW task scheduler is not applicable either (?)


      I have found this How to create a macro to scale a view to fit into a quarter region of a drawing sheet?  but I am not sure I fully understand it/would know how to use it and/or if it is indeed even relevant to the question. (yeah, I'm hopeless, I know)


      I realize I might be asking for too much automation, especially with the caveat of my limited macro/API knowledge, but it's worth a shot and any insight is highly appreciated.

      I am drowning with this.



      SW 2016 SP 3.0

      Win 10 Pro 64 Bit

      No server

      No PDM