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    CSWPA-DT Question-5

    Tomas Daskevic


      I'm preparing for CSWPA-DT. I stuck at question 5. I modify BOM that it would be sorted by "part number" in an ascending order, BUT anyway it makes as in some other order.. I can't understand why..?? please help me




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          Thomas Voetmann

          I am not sure how SW handles combined numbers. But I'd say it might be sorted correct - anyway if the leftmost number part is concidered a separate sortable number:





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            Sachin Murigesh

            Hi Tomas and Thomas,

            I get this option for Sort Method in 2015. Not sure what version your are running.


            for Question#5 you should use Literal method so that PNs starting with 1 will go up.


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                Tomas Daskevic

                Thank you Sachin. I'm using SW2014 on my old pc.. so there was no that option. Although there was note, that I should use at least SW2010 for that  exam, so I thought 2014 will be enough.


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                    Avelino Rochino

                    Hi Tomas,

                    Sorry about the confusion.  The sample exam and real test were created with SolidWorks 2010 so you can use any subsequent version with the exam.  Over the years it seems that the developers tweaked the BOM sort algorithm.  As Sachin pointed out, in 2015 and later you have a choice of Literal or Numeric sort.  In the real exam we have added a note to let users ascertain on their own what option to use.  Here is the text and note from the real exam:


                    "- Modify the BOM so that it is sorted by Part Number in an ascending order."


                    "Note: For example, part numbers that start with A are at the top of the BOM.  Any part numbers that start with Z are at the bottom of the BOM."


                    So the exam spells out that the BOM's part numbers have to have a certain order and it will be up to you to modify the BOM settings to satisfy that order.  Sorry but we didn't make such a clarifying note in the sample exam.  I hope this helps.  Good luck with the exam!

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                        Avelino Rochino

                        Hi Tom,


                        One more note...in the sample exam it is clarified as to what is expected where part numbers that start with 1 are at the top of the BOM.  I missed that in your earlier post.  Bottom line is that you should manipulate the sorting options so that you get what's asked.  In 2014 this may mean that you have to select the option "Descending Order" instead of "Ascending Order" but essentially you have to do whatever you need to do to get the part numbers to start with 1 at the top of the BOM.  In 2015 and later the options are better because you can select Literal or Numeric.  It looks like the BOM sort order was fixed after 2014 so if you have the chance you should try to take the exam with as late of a version of SolidWorks as possible.  Sorry for the confusion and I hope this helps.